Thursday, October 13, 2022

Productive Fall Day

I started meatballs early this a.m. I wasn't sure what else I would make for Life Group this evening but that was started. 

I also got the second box of potatoes laid out and curing before we left the house. We tried the Ruth Stout method with the potatoes. We planted late; we harvested after the first two frosts. It was cold digging them out...but y'all we got way more than we expected. These were all starts from a co-op order that got away from me.... which means they are all organic and free...the purple ones are purple all the way through. 

When I'm out of the house early every morning, it means Michael needs to be up and functioning early in the morning with GG. Quite often Michael has a hard time sleeping. He DID get a referral to the neurologist and we're hoping some meds adjustments are going to relieve a few current issues.  In an effort to lighten the load for Michael, (and slow the pace for me) the girls and I decided to combine for this last week of our Genesis study. That means we won't have to leave the house Friday morning until 10:00 a.m. I'll be able to get Dad up, showered, breakfast and start his laundry before leaving. We headed to our favorite cafe for our last study. Our waitress is always curious what we are studying and asked about the next one. We may have to invite her to join us for a study. LOL 

Genesis? Yep. I told the ladies these aren't going to be the Sunday School version of the stories...and it wasn't. Today, the girls remarked this is not the veggie tale version of the stories. True. LOL 

We left the cafe for the hair salon. I had a haircut yesterday; the girls were due today. 

Next up was a trip to the salon for eyebrow waxing. I joked we should have scheduled mani/pedi...but alas, we didn't. 

Sitting by the fire with a book is a plus of getting brows done HERE rather than Walmart. LOL

The girls scattered at home. Allie to take her last test for her first two college classes. Stacia to work on school. 

I made an ice cream cake for Saturday's family dinner. 

I air fried salmon fillets. 

I cut up peppers, sealed them and put them in the freezer. 

I cut up celery, sealed them sealed and put them in the freezer. 

I baked 5 dozen cookies - for life group and family dinner on Saturday. 

I made deviled eggs - for life group and home. 

Stacia finished Little Buddy's cake for Saturday. 

Prettier without the name blocked out. LOL

At some point in the day Alex returned home with the news he had received a $1.75 raise. He was also invited out with a group of co-workers tonight. We have gotten lax about planning one of the boys to be home for GG. They are always here. Nolan is house sitting. Stacia is staying home as she is still coughing, but GG doesn't behave when he is home alone with her. We are NOT going to ask Alex not to go out with friends...he spends most his time alone. SO....I stayed home rather than going to life group. Michael and Allie took all the food and left for the gathering. 

Stacia and I finished season 33 of The Amazing Race.