Thursday, August 01, 2019

A Walk in the Woods - Flowers, Hammock & Hidden Eggs

 We have had a lynx around here a couple of times in the last month. I heard it again this morning. Stacia has a hammock out in the woods. She's not been comfortable going out there since she was surprised by Mama Moose and babies.  She and I walked back there to check out the summer finery and retrieve her hammock.

We have Monkshood

Colorful mushrooms

 Maybe elderberry? 

We found the hammock. It has moose prints in it. We moved it a couple of trees near the swing set. 

And then....

It's a live Egg Hunt....

Lucille has a hiding place. 27 eggs in total. This is Lucille. You can tell it's Lucille because her feathers aren't plucked like the others AND she has a turquoise beak.  Free ranging does make for some adventures. 

I LOVE Today's Projects!

I introduced Dad to yet another of our favorite coffee spots in town. This one plays Christian music, has plenty of seating, and is open and airy. It never feels crowded, or like the people at the next table can hear your conversation. It actually houses a church on Sundays , and they run the cafe as well. I suspect we would have loved the church if God had led us here during our grand church search of 2017. LOL

I'm sure putting down roots - home - means something different to each person. I'm always surprised what makes this missionary kid, retired military spouse, Third Culture Kid suddenly have a sense of permanence - roots.  All of today's projects speak of permanence to me. We certainly wouldn't have picnic tables and play structures if we were "hot" for orders. We have been here for two years and there are no orders on the horizon - a joy of retirement.

Once we went into the military, and began living in base houses and moving every 2 - 3 years,  we never had a garden or a swing set. I DID grow some things in containers, but it isn't the same. We certainly didn't plant things with an eye to "3 or 5 years from now we'll see this or that." Some families do have swings - but we had a large homeschooling family and were always too near our weight limit to haul around a play structure.  We made liberal uses of play areas on, and off, base. Today, Michael and Alex began tearing up the sod to level a spot for our very own play structure. 

These Gherkin guys can do anything

Dad enjoyed supervising...he even gave up the chance for a second outing of the day in order to stay hoe  and supervise.
Dad, Michael and Alex

 While they worked on leveling a spot for the structure, the girls and I painted....OK - so turquoise is my current favorite color. It's bright and cheery and makes me smile. It also reminds me of PWOC and freedom. It says, "Welcome," to me.  I picked this shade as it reminded me of the ocean in Belize...lots of happy reasons to pick this color.

I was aiming for the color of my accent wall in the house. Inside is a bit darker...close but this is by far BRIGHTER. LOL

I love that we are giving these Mother's Day gifts new life...and that Stacia and Alex (our babies) are now personally connected to them as well. They should withstand the winter much better this year.

The three picnic tables are the same color...yes, we have literal turquoise tables now.  I actually do plan to place one in the front yard...and in years to come the orchard will shade it.  The man at Lowes encouraged me to get the BEST exterior/advanced weather protection they sell....and I did.  He also encouraged me to get high gloss. I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. This is so shiny and bright, I think they'll see them on satellites from space. In fact, I'm pretty sure small planes will begin to use the three bright, shiny tables by the mountain as navigational landmarks.
I love them
  We ran out of paint and  need to do the undersides and a second coat....Krista suggested we leave the undersides so it won't be a problem if the paint isn't a 100% match.

Stacia and I ran to Lowes for another gallon of paint. We also bought some plastic lawn chairs at 50% off. I REALLY want to have wooden Adirondack chairs...but that project is a ways in the future...and these will be more comfortable and hold up better than the camp chairs are holding up. I also bought some hardware for another project in my mind. I only need to learn how to use one of the fancy saws and how to paint pretty words on the pallet Michael found for me.

We broke for dinner and then hit the play structure again.....and it began to take shape. It was a family affair. 
The picnic table and awning are attached

The slide is attached and tried out

The rock wall is attached - but no one has climbed it yet
  Stacia and Alex were excited to try out the swings. It seems I'm not the only one who was looking forward to our very own play structure.

Oh yes, I'm going to make up for lost years and take lots of family photos right here. I surrendered the idea of trimming it in turquoise. ::snort:: 
Stacia, Krista, Alex, Nolan and Dad in the background - he wouldn't climb the slide. 

Dad is enjoying reading with us. He finished, "Your God is Too Safe," and is now reading "Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska." This is written by Torry Martin, of Wooten fame on Adventures in Odyssey. It's sort of a Christian Patrick McManus. It's fun to see Dad enjoying it. 

Ah, look.....doesn't it say...this is home and we plan on staying.....unless, of course,  God says, "Move!!" ?

We can't wait to see Benny discover it in the morning. And then Bella and Gideon will discover it the next time they are over. We plan to put pea gravel under the fort part as a gravel quarry for Tonka trucks. Eventually, we may make a big gravel pit - but this will work for now.