Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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Time to switch gears and remember that I write my blog as a family ministry....my head has been in PWOC land all day. I've spent the day creating a local blog....yippee! I was so glad to get approval. I think it's coming together nicely...though I have more ideas, photos and such to add. At this point I'm stuck deciding which post divider I like. If you care to drop by and vote on the top right hand side it would be great. LOL The board will be popping in to to see what they think. I wonder if I'll have more time to work on it tomorrow?

Today I spent a huge amount of time workig on the PWOC blog.

I also finalized our United food order.

I tried to finalize the produce co-op order - but I haven't finished yet. Maybe still.

I talked with Krista on the phone.

JAMIN finished his second book. He plans to edit this and submit it to a contest that promises to publish the winner's book. He finished a month ahead of his self-imposed schedule.

Jared found a mowing job - they paid well and he earned it. It rained off and on all day; three times while he was mowing.

You can't tell what this nearly 3 yo girl is doing...but she is walking...backwards...her favorite way to walk around the block.


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