Thursday, June 12, 2008

I like my charts and lists and plans.....and this looks awesome. Click the photo to see a slide show and the table of contents. The Master Plan is a fully interactive planner with about a zillion different pages. Julie, currently has a pre-sale going on for $10 off.

I really have mixed feelings about sharing THIS tidbit. I was out reading blogs tonight and found out that Karen is giving away one free copy of the planner on her blog. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up and there aren't that many who have entered. Ah - ALRIGHT - go here to enter to win a copy of The Master Plan.

Photobucket Extra Tidbits.


We are praying he can get an extension so that he has until 6 Aug to finish the other 3 tests. I'm not sure how he'll do that in 6 weeks....but he will. He has to. ::snort::

Honest, this time it's not that he's hard to do a year long course while working a full time job....if you want to have a family life. LOL

We're Proud of Him!

Jared finished up his school year and will now kick his lawn business into gear for the summer. He is officially a high school student now.

Josiah began looking to sign up for electricity at his new apartment.


Photobucket Blast from the Past

Do you remember these dresses? I distinctly remember wearing these in the 70's, remember seeing photos of them in the 70's. ::snort::


I was at Walmart trying to find a life vest, pool chemicals and filters when I saw THESE. No, they weren't by the pool things. They were in fabric where I was looking for cheesecloth so that I can make yogurt covered pretzels. ::Snort::

I KNEW this would solve a problem I've been having the past few weeks: company when I'm in my swim suit. I can throw this on - it's isn't flattering, but it is modest. I bought enough to make myself one and then saw the stuff to make a shirt.There was a LOT of it - enough to sew Stacia two dresses. She calls them our swimming dresses.


I had no idea she would love matching me. The boys never want to. Arielle would rather eat artichokes than wear a dress.

"We are Ladies - Princess Ladies".



Photobucket Today's To Do List

You know I love my lists.

Tend to big rocks

School - independent

School - couch - one week of TOG

Bake Bread

Call HEB - confirm prices


Bank - cash checks for produce

Call Chick Fil A - tray for PWOC Project Night

Put chicken in freezer (because I'll forget if it's not on the list)

Make laundry Soap

Keep trying HEB for young coconut info - I tried

Post Office

Make New Produce Co-op Order Forms

Check on PORF for plane ticket to PWOC Central Region Leadership Weekend

Remove photos from Central Region's PWOC site

Meet Mike for dinner

Drop Jared off at CAP

Sew Swimming Dresses

Pick up living room

Wash bedding

Make Bed

Add order to "final" United order

Swim - Update - I swam with the littles - that means I played with the kids.

Update Blog

A list helps me focus on the fact that I DID get something done - even if it wasn't ALL that I wanted to get done.