Saturday, March 19, 2022

It's Been Busy

 We have had a couple of busy weeks. Here are some random shots from the week. I do not have photos of lunch with friends, three haircuts, GG's appointments, GG's times with Arielle and the boys, church, Wholesome Food Co-op,  or MAN CAMP (which plays big in our upcoming week). 

MAN CAMP  - Michael was gone the 10th - 12th. The reports we hear both from Michael and others is that it was a really good time.  The week after Man Camp Michael developed an abscessed tooth. His medical and dental care is all through the VA. This is good and bad. This time it was bad. They set him up to be a WALK IN patient on FRIDAY in Anchorage. He began to feel bad on Wed night. A week after man camp and his throat was raging, he was dizzy, had a headache and the tooth thing. He called the VA. They wanted to rule out strep and have him seen before he visited the dental clinic. They approved a visit to the local urgent care clinic.  What do you know? Michael CAN test positive for Covid.  Yep. They gave him antibiotics to keep the tooth at bay as Michael fights covid. Day 5 for him is Monday. If he is symptom free on Monday, he can be a walk in at the dental clinic on Tuesday.  Michael began isolating Wednesday night. It's odd not to see him when he's HERE all the time.  We've studied the new CDC recommendations and will follow them carefully. I didn't realize how lax those guidelines have gotten, but I am happy not to have to quarantine for 14 days automatically. Fun times? 

Danny is developing a bit of stranger awareness. We weren't sure how he would do with Baachan watching him while Mommy works. He did just fine. 

Usually, about the last hour of the stay, Benny talks me into snuggling on the couch and watching a movie with him. 

What would life be like without apples and peanut butter? The perfect snack...carbs, protein, fiber, fat...

Game Night


The weather has been in the upper 40's...and even got up to mid 50's lately. We've still had a few snow showers, and's muddy...but oh so exhilarating to go on walks again. 

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza

I took one of Benny's favorite games from my house to his one of the times I watched the boys. He loves this flying banana game. LOL 

We also played operation. Benny was surprised I knew how to play it. That's a game that's been around a lot of years. LOL 

Allie continues to work on application essays, scholarship essays and here she and Michael discuss the difference between an opinion paper and a research paper. She turned in her final research paper for ASL this week! Way to go, Allie! 

Stacia tried her hand with a new recipe. 

The girls keep Michal busy editing papers.

At this point, we thought we'd be having the family over to celebrate March birthdays on Saturday, the 19th. Stacia baked a quick cake. We also had plans with a couple of families from church for the 20th. 

Stacia enlisted Allie's help decorating this little cake. I think Allie saw she could do more than she thought she could.  

The girls weren't entirely sure about the green potatoes....Stacia was pretty impressed I got such a dark green color. 

Our plan for the 18th was to drive into town and help CyRi move to their new home as soon as Alex was off work and Stacia was done with Japanese.   Michael wasn't feeling well and needed to go to the urgent care. This meant I needed to stay home with GG. Allie had received word she needed to redo a video she had completed earlier in the week...and it needed to be in Friday.  

Cory swung by and picked up Stacia and Alex. They moved all the big things from Anchorage to Eagle River.  

We are so excited for CyRi. Stacia says the home is gorgeous. Um...and WHY can't they get Cy's head in the shot? 

Meanwhile, we received word from Michael that he had covid. Since all of them have had covid within the past 90 days or are vaccinated, and since Alex and Stacia hadn't been around Michael at all....they went ahead and finished helping. In fact, Stacia stayed in town with Luke and Krista. She spent Saturday out in the wild with them before coming home - to stay home. Our 5 days since seeing Michael will be up Monday....and we are supposed to wear masks for another 5 days if we go about. 

Stacia and Krista

Luke and Kyle

It's been a busy couple of weeks!