Monday, February 29, 2016

Mount Shasta Bread - INPUT?????

It is an adjustment to go from baking 8 loaves of bread a week to 2 loaves every other day....but I'm doing it. I think the Vitamix can be heard around the campground as it grinds wheat berries into flour....and the Baby Bosch is proving it's worth over and over.  Everyone is happy to have fresh baked bread. I'm happy to know that I can provide bread while we're in Idaho, an hour from groceries. 

I've been using the same recipe, but all of a sudden my bread has started doing this!!!!! It looks like the top of a mountain! Bread bakers - what do you think? I'd opened a new thing of yeast....other than that - same everything. 

It tastes really yummy - but why do some loaves look so odd?