Saturday, February 09, 2019

Josiah is 30 - more Celebrations

Josiah turns thirty today. He planned to spend the day on the ice.  This is a  proper place to reflect on one's twenties.  Josiah has been tempered - those traits we saw in him in the 20's are shining pure gold. He has goals and takes positive steps to reach them. He's kind. He's giving. He's compassionate. God has seen him through some windy paths...and he's running straight on this side.

Nolan has to work today. We'll have everyone over tomorrow to celebrate. Michael and Alex have men's breakfast and Stacia is visiting Bre and the kidlets. 

After breakfast, Michael and Alex joined Josiah at the local lake. It was a good time. No one should spend their entire birthday alone. Good call, Michael.  I have not one picture (is this a blogging family or WHAT). They caught 15 fish and took them to BreZaak.

This evening we decided to remedy a few elements in Nolan's birthday celebration. We got home from Eagle River late enough that he opted for bed rather than cake. 0430 comes early.  We pulled out the cake Michael and Stacia had made....and no Gherkin birthday is complete without the pig hat.
Putting this photo first so it shows in the preview 

Bennett and Arielle joined us.
 As is often the case, we didn't have the right number of candles on hand....Michael is great at improvising.

Ye' old Party Animal Hat - Pig Hat