Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TX or Bust - Take 2

Lots of fun things happened today in our family. 

Krista scored Auntie time when Bella joined she and Bre for her first sister time. 

Jared paid made his final payment to ASU. 

Josiah arrived - Jared and Larissa met him. 

And us? We drove for 16 hours - approximately 800 miles....TX or bust - Take TWO! 
Tehachipi, CA 
 We have enjoyed our time in OR - dogs are welcomed on hikes and in state parks....sort of funny to see this in CA - Mojave - really? Where the grass is green and lush, the dogs are welcome...but here? 

Kids with a Joshua Tree

Michael found a geocache out here while walking Yuuki. I told Nolan and challenged him to find it - he did. Now we need to find it on the site so we can log it. LOL 

We have been talking about parking the trailer at Truck stops on travel days. We gave it a try without the trailer.....We stopped at  a Love's in Kingman, AZ.  We certainly do make quicker time without the trailer....but the nights are much more comfortable with the trailer. LOL  We DID make lots of funny family memories sleeping in the van.