Sunday, December 09, 2012

Second Sunday in Advent

A very busy Sunday indeed! Michael preached at three services. The children attended two services and Religious Education. I went to all three services.  I found cause to chuckle as I went through the day and heard three different labels for the second candle of Advent. I loved that no one was bent around the axle over it....

Finally home and we had the once a week ice cream which Gherkin tradition dictates......and we did NOT read or do an Advent clue....BUT since this is my blog...I figure I can recreate history if I want too.....

"Tonight's" clue was - "Ai yai yai yai..."

The kids needed a bit of help but eventually found the gift nestled in the Sombero Krista brought home from Mexico.  It was a new deck of cards and Stacia was ready for a rousing game of, "Go Fish," immediately.

Choosing Joy!
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