Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Gingerbread Man in CO

The world has been moving, moving, moving the last weeks. I am happy we seemed to have stopped for a bit. I enjoy this perch.....it's especially nice now that the snow is gone.

YIKES! What is THIS? 

I think Ingen and I could be friends
I enjoy Colorado. 

Note the winners of our annual Gingerbread Village Competition hosts Gingerbread Man for a year. The girls are hosting him this year. 

Krista is Here

We spent today getting odds and ends done.....Michael sealed a hatch that was collecting water as we traveled. Michael, Earl and the boys went for haircuts. 

The highlight of the day is that KRISTA and Kent arrived from Mexico. 
Earl, Kent, Krista and Michael with his back to the camera

Nolan's new cut - we need to do this more often. πŸ˜‰
All this time I thought they were going back to OR from here...but they are going back to Mexico for another 3 weeks before their time is finished there.  We visited late into the night - these two didn't want to go back to the RV, but couldn't keep their eyes open. 
Alex and Stacia

Beloved Pet

This is a meaningful spot on Earl and Mary's place to our family. On our move from Texas to Japan, we lost a dear pet. I am glad we were in Colorado Springs and were able to bury her here.

Beatrix - 20 years well lived
Yuuki pays her respects

It was fun to walk in the sunshine and to stop and remember happy memories with Beatrix. 

Gideon @ 32 Weeks

Bre is 32 weeks pregnant with Gideon in the above photo; Bella is 12 1/2 months.  She went for an ultrasound and got another view of Gideon!

Is this not amazing???  Gideon is currently 4lb 5oz, has his head down, sucks on everything, sticks out his tongue, moves a lot, and has some hair.

He truly is being fearfully and wonderfully made....Ps 139.