Sunday, November 23, 2008


Whew - survived the busy weekend and I think it all went fairly well.

Yesterday was the chapel clean up. PWOC was in charge of breakfast...Yesterday, this meant Mike, Jared, Emma and I. All went well.

Mike, Emma and I then cleaned the Fellowship Hall and decorated for TODAY (and for Wed night's Thanksgiving Pie Social).

Today my mission was to pick up chicken, be at the chapel by 10 a.m., and supervise the arrival of food. I was also going to cook a few veggies and take some photos of the decorations. 9:30 a.m. I was told at Walmart that the chicken would be ready at 10:30 a.m. I explained this was NOT going to work as I would arrive at the same time the potluck began. They dropped the chicken right away and the girls and I spent 30 minutes shopping.

We pulled up to the Fellowship Hall and I noticed that it was FULL. This is not a good sign. It is not expected 30 minutes BEFORE a service lets out.....

Did I mention we were having a Unity Service? Well.....the fire marshall evacuated the chapel. There was a gas leak....and they were all in the Fellowship Hall as I arrived with chicken.

You can see a bit of the picket fence and foilage on the back wall here...
I mentioned these three women below. They were in the kitchen doing great things and all went seamlessly. The key is FLEXIBILITY. LOL

After the service, we loaded shoe boxes. Here's a shot of some of them....
Josiah took Jamin to his meet his graduataion "class" for a group photo. I'M THANKFUL FOR JOSIAH WHO COULD HELP US OUT TODAY!

Mike went for a run. When he got home we delivered them to our local drop off point. He'll do another swing through all the buildings tomorrow and take those boxes in too.

Mike and I swung through Lowes, where we bought some new yard decor. Then we headed to Walmart.

Back at home Arielle and I designed a Christmas card and began work on Christmas gifts.

©2008 D.R.G.

Giving Thanks ~ Day 23!

~I'm thankful for Cheryl, Debbie and Emma who took charge in the kitchen while I dealt with chicken that was not ready to be picked up at 9:30 a.m. ::snort::

~I'm thankful for a fun Unity Sunday/potluck.

~I'm thankful for the new Christmas yard decor Mike let me buy is my toy and one is his....let the yard wars begin. ::snort::

~I'm thankful that Arielle and I had a fun time designing our 2008 Christmas card. I'm hopeful we'll actually mail them THIS year.

~I'm thankful that all my babies will be home within a month!

~I'm thankful for the shoe boxes we delivered today and for several calls tonight saying there are more for Mike to pick up tomorrow a.m. We almost waited to take them all in tomorrow a.m. but in the end we took the majority over tonight.

©2008 D.R.G.