Thursday, April 19, 2018

Another Busy Alaskan Day

If you'd like to see and hear a video about this day check out our YouTube channel by clicking the underlined text. 

Michael had an appointment at the VA Center in Anchorage today. We love the drive up the Old Glenn. I've been grabbing fruit and Clif bars for breakfast. Dr. has warned me to cut back on sugars as my A1C was borderline. Who knew Clif bars are high in sugar AND they have soy protein isolate (another thing I'm supposed to avoid due to cancer risks).  I am trying these new bars.

We texted the boys to see if any of them could meet us for lunch. Josiah met us and it was a great chance to spend a bit of one on two time with him. πŸ˜ƒ

After lunch we did a bit more shopping. We found trees had just arrived at one store. Another store had a shed that was 1/3 the price of any other we've found. We decided to wait and buy both at the local versions of both stores tomorrow.

A couple of more sure signs of spring? Motorcycles on the roads...and rented Class C's in all the parking lots. LOL

Michael and Alex decided it was time to cut up dead fall in the front. They also attacked the patch of Cottonwood trees at the side of the house. We have plans to put berries in the spot (fenced and netted?).  Alex cut the trees to ground level. They got the pry bar and attempted to pry out the stumps - they discovered the ground in that section is still frozen.

I found this scrapey thing in Michael's stash of tools and it made cleaning the chicks home MUCH easier!

Stacia continues to be a great chick mama.

The birds are starting to find the bird feeder in the trees. We are deciding where to put the hummingbird feeder. I want the feeders up - but have heard they attract bears. I don't want them TOO close to the house. LOL
Do you spot the bird? 

We had a couple of moose come to play in the yard at the end of the day. They weren't going anywhere fast. I am worried about my veggies and fruit in the upcoming months.....I see lots of fencing in our future.