Saturday, February 13, 2021

Our 37th Anniversary

Feb 14th was our 37th anniversary. I am writing about it on Dec 30th, because I kept thinking I'd find time to say something profound. However, THIS year turned out vastly different than we were expecting on Feb 14th and I never got around to sharing.  Our anniversary is on Valentine's Day. We rarely go out on Valentine's Day as we don't appreciate the crowds. This year we did something different.  We packed a picnic, removed the van's back seats and headed for the mountains. We choose to celebrate before or after the 14th.  We drove into the mountains on Feb 13th.  This left the 14th for church and cake with the kids. We actually broke our "eat out on Sunday" routine and ate at home to avoid the crowds. 

We timed it in time to arrive before the sunset. We found a great spot to back into so we could enjoy our food from the comfort of the warm van while we watched the sun set. Michael ventured outside longer than I to get photos of the scenery. 

I was content to watch Michael from the warm van

📷by Michael

📷by Michael

📷by Michael

Our town is the lights to the left of the mountain range
📷by Michael

📷by Michael

Thirty-seven years of doing life together.  Maybe that's as profound as it gets this year. ::snort:: 

On a side note, it was wonderful to have older kids stay with Grandpa so we could go out, this led to scheduling a few hours a week of respite care. 

Allie moved in Feb 15th. 

Training Millie to Ride Nicely

 It's time to train Millie to ride nicely in the car. When she was little she rode up front in Stacia's lap. We've been putting her in the back, and she climbs to the front. The last time I took her out alone she jumped up front...a bit of a driving distraction. Taking her along when I take Stacia to work is a good time to work on her riding manners. 

She did fairly well sitting on the floor behind my seat....until right as we turned off the highway....she tried to jump into my lap. I FIRMLY told her no and she laid down and then didn't even want to get out of the car when we got home. LOL 

We'll get there.  Note I cut the hair around her eyes so she can see again. LOL