Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 2 - Lynchburg, VA

The itinerary said we were to tour Lynchburg and Liberty today.  After a windshield tour of the historical area, we stopped at the White Hart to meet Claudia for a quick coffee visit. I met Claudia through PWOC. 

Look closely. Do you see how cool this is? The Farmer's Market is still slow, but inside the community market are various vendors. However, the cool thing is in front of the market? There five or six of these little covers with PIANOS inside them. Fun idea.

I love all the brick and antiques. 

Our next stop was Riverside park. We quickly discovered all walk in Lynchburg involve climbing hills. LOL  Stacia and I loved the green grass and trees, flowers and  cardinals.
Maria, Krista, Stacia

The James River IS behind us
Krista, Maria, Me, Stacia
 The girls took us to Wasabi for lunch. It was fun and yummy. It did remind us of Japan....

Maria, Me, Krista, Stacia
 One word about the campus of Liberty University - Ginormous!!! It is a beautiful campus. I can't imagine much it doesn't have. While on campus we visited the Scriptorium. A museum like room with exhibits of Bibles. This one was from the 1200's and is HAND done. It was awesome.

Bibles used to be huge! You won't be putting THIS in a purse. 

Model of the Guttenberg Press

Maria and Krista both attend the School of Divinity. Many of their classes are in this tower building.

Krista & Maria
 Look at this. Snowflex - on campus. The white is for skiing and snowboarding. The right side is for tubing. It was wet and the first couple of runs down the girls hit the barrier at the end. They adjusted things to make it slower, but Krista and Stacia had a blast. I have video but am not on my laptop so I'll have to capture photos later. 

Krista had heard about a good ice cream place. We tried it. 

Back at the apartment we relaxed at the pool. 

It's been a great day.  Tomorrow, we head to DC.  The girls have rented a Air BnB and we are going to spend a few days exploring.