Thursday, November 19, 2020

And Today in Our Home...COVID Makes an Appearance

 One never knows what a day will bring. Today was Krista's FIRST day back at work. Krista was exposed at work to covid. The entire class was quarantined. 

She was SICK. She tested negative. Alex got SICK. They both got better. 

Alex was fever and symptom free for two days before he went back to work on Monday and Tuesday. 

The good thing about Alex getting sick - even though Krista had tested negative and was the one locked down, not us - we all stayed home....we figured there was a bug and we didn't want to spread WHATEVER it was. 

Tuesday was Michael's birthday. Dad had a dental appointment. Everyone was feeling well. Michael, Dad and I went to lunch afterwards and Alex and Nolan met us. That night Alex had a fever of 101.8 again...and a sore throat....the fact that it came suddenly, left suddenly, and came again SUDDENLY...clued me in....I was pretty sure Krista had been positive and the rapid test gave a false negative. 

I drove Alex to get tested yesterday morning.  We got the positive result today. The contact nurse hasn't reached us yet - but we can see the results.... 

The trees are GORGEOUS this week. They are covered in frost and snow. I've been wanting to get out and take photos before the wind arrives....but it hasn't worked out that way with scheduling and quarantining....I took advantage of the covid testing to stop for this shot on our way home. 

Nolan walked in the door shortly after we saw Alex's results. He had SUDDENLY gotten a sore throat and fever...

Stacia is congested - no fever - most likely a cold? Michael feels "off" but nothing concrete. 

We have our own "Ask an almost nurse" and she told us it is best to wait a few days after exposure to be tested...we'll be sure to ask when the state calls us....and so now...

We had one glorious day off of lock down...Krista went to work but the rest of us were home due to home health for Dad. I had plans to brave a Walmart run with Dad tomorrow, but we'll be settled at home for another 2 weeks. 

All the going back and forth about what to do about the kids and Thanksgiving....not a problem now. BreZaak, CoRielle and those sweet new babies won't be near us for a good long time. NO ONE will be coming for Thanksgiving....maybe Christmas. I have enough food here to serve a crowd ham dinner....we won't starve. 

We'd appreciate your prayers for Dad to be in a big ole HEALTH BUBBLE and not catch this. We're doing all the things....