Sunday, January 27, 2013


Shougatsu is the Japanese New Year Festival. Today we went to the Misawa International Center for Shougatsu after church.

First on the agenda were speeches from base officials, city officials, MIC officials....and then Mochi Pounding. Mochi - is pounded sweet rice cakes....

Stacia was at the front of the line and was surprised at how heavy the pounding stick is. 

Tastes much better than it looks

Lawson loves Mochi

Next we learned how to roll sushi. I have to be really careful of shell fish. He had told me the meat was not crab  - but imitation crab. This is me trying to ask WHAT it was - cod. This really was good and I use to hate it all....I skipped the fish and egg...but the daikon, cucumber and mushrooms were great wrapped in rice and seaweed.

Zander is tutored on how to properly play with the Japanese toys. He loved it.....

so did Stacia!

Arielle tried to avoid the Master Calligraphers. She wasn't in the mood...but .... and when she got a chance she snuck away....he came and found me and stamped her work, "Very, very good," he said.

This lady came as a Navy spouse to Misawa. They liked it here, got out, stayed here and have been here for 24 years. She shows the girls how to play the Koto.....

This is a traditional instrument that plays traditional music and they  really thought Arielle should take lessons. She'd like to.....we only have 5 1/2 months left...not sure how practical that is. 

Choosing Joy!
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