Friday, September 02, 2016

Games with Krista

Krista is here and that means Nolan will have an extra one who loves to play games in the mix. I'm not sure there is much better than Dominion, outside the trailer, with a campfire in the background.
We're so glad Krista came to visit. 

#WYFF Little Bald Hills

Hiking the Little Bald Hills trail is a family tradition dating back at least three, possibly four, generations. True confession: I've never hiked it. I've always had toddlers that were thought to be too young for the hike. The younger two hadn't hiked it. Michael let us know that the hike was just too much for him now....and I wondered how to get the other two up.

Krista is down for a couple of nights. She took the three traveling Gherkins and headed up Little Bald Hill. From the point where they started to the top of Little Bald Hill and back again is a 6.6 mile hike, IF you hike over the trail and end up on South Fork it is a  9.8 mile hike.  The last time up it took them 8 hours  - but they came down Sheep Ends Gulch instead of the trail. Michael knows all the extra spots to explore....but they hiked to the top and back in about 3.5 hours. They think they can find their way back up again, I have plans to make it up yet. LOL

 Part of the tradition is to plant seeds each time up.....

Watch out for the bears! 
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