Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bocce, Basketball, and Bella

We headed across to Springfield so Stacia and Harmony could have some cousin time. Stacia loves any time she can steal way to spend with Harmony.  We had Yuuki with us and Yuuki seems to think it's wise  to antagonize their big dogs (Lab and Pit Bull) we opted to take our lunch to a local park. This park was directly down the street from the home we lived in from the time I was in 4th grade - 9th grade.

What? It's Bocce. See the green ball - it's mine. It's closest to the white ball. Score. LOL 

Mom and Dad joined us. Dad took my spot and I enjoyed a visit in the sun with Mom. 
School in the background is the one I went to for 5th/6th grade

Go, Dad!
 I spent countless hours in this tree, reading. This is also the park where Michael and I sat and talked on 31 Dec 1983 and he suggested we take a semester off from college and get married on 14 Feb 1984. Six week later, we did. LOL 

We didn't take any photos, but we snatched a bit more time with Cory. Basketball, visiting....he's on his way to Papua, New Guinea.

The busy day ended with a wonderful meal and visit with BreZaak and Bella. 

#WYFF - Duck Spring Game

We do all sorts of fun things all week long - and come #WYFF  we're inevitably doing laundry. Well.....I decided we did so much on Saturday that I'll just label this #WYFFS (Where's Your Feet Saturday). 

We met Krista at Valley River Center and took the shuttle over to Autzen stadium. We're big Duck fans and this was a special treat. We watched the spring game....a chance to see all the new players.

Alex, Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Michael 

Happy, happy, happy fans! 

There were quite a few tributes to the military...the only thing missing was a fly over by the Thunderbirds. ::snort:: In the photo below members of the UofO ROTC had marched out and unfurled a giant flag...while patriotic music played.

Since Oregon was playing Oregon - we left with 2 min left so we could be some of the first on the shuttles back to the malls. 

The weather was gorgeous - it was a perfect was to spend a Saturday morning. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will Work for Ice Cream

The boys have taken on mowing Dad's lawn while we are here. On Saturday they fixed the dryer and a pipe under the house. And and Dad treated us all to Dickie Yo's to say thank you.....

Krista and Arielle invited us over for dinner - their school week is coming to an end. They treated us to a yummy potato bar (and I did take a photo of the kids in front of the oven but it was blurry. ::snort::).

This is how we found Arielle wonder it takes her so long to write papers. She said her professor suggested they read their papers aloud to themselves...her's put her to sleep. ::snort::
Unique study techniques - she DID get a 4.0 for the year
As the night ended, Krista brought out ice cream cones to thank us for mowing and weeding their yard. ::snort:: We've hit on a new plan....we have our home on wheels, our budget is working....we'll supplement by working for ice cream. LOL

Marathon Conversion Plant Tour

We like to google things to do, places to see and hikes to complete, when in a new area. I tried to get a tour in at the Euphoria Chocolate Company in town, but they responded they don't do tours and "no one in town" does tours. Hmm.....I take blanket statements as challenges. We found a few tours and then.....

This very cool Factory Tour's Site was shared in one of my forums or boards.....It lists tours for each state in America.  We found several Class A Motorhome plant tours in this area. ALWAYS CALL AHEAD when you hear of a tour or such online.....we found three of the four tours were no longer giving tours....but the Marathon Plant DOES.
Alex, Michael, Nolan, Stacia
I didn't have a clue who made or what a Marathon RV was....I was in for a treat. As we pulled up, I realized these were sure to be more money than the previous models we'd looked at. I told the kids to put on their "rich persona" and they did very fact....that I was asked at the end of the tour if we were planning on buying one as I had taken so many pictures and the others had asked such good questions. ::wink::

Marathon buys the Prevost chassis from Quebec. They are driven down to Oregon and arrive looking like this. Marathon then customizes them. Not as in "customizes to factory specs" - though they will - but customizes for each customer.  Can you imagine? Each coach is decorated, and configured to the customer's desires. Be still my heart. They do it ALL here in plant....make fiberglass end caps, paint, furniture....all of it.

It was really fun to see the bare bones of building a coach....and the types of materials they use, the differences between a Marathon Conversion (bus) and a typical Class A Motorhome.
Birch cabinets

Upholstery Department
 Checking out the driver's seats

Jerry Jone's Custom Built Marathon 

As a side note, it was fun to hear stories of the various folks who fly in to town, meet with the design department and engineers and then fly out....all into this little town.  They remove the slides for easier access as they outfit the inside.

Storage bays galore....I could have a library bay. A funny story involved the Andrettis. Evidently, they ordered a bus with a trap door from above and put beds in a bay for a child or two.

4 1/2 miles of wires in each coach

We went inside two coaches....and were told they sell for 2.4 MILLION dollars.....At about this point a dream was birthed.....what if we just bought the chassis from Quebec and outfitted it ourselves - the ultimate DIY much would that cost? $700,000.00. Um still significantly more money than we plan to spend on a Motorhome. 

I see a kids bunk ROOM, and an office spot...seating for all five us in the living area....of course at 45 feet it would be hard to fit into most state parks. 

There were 11 of us in this coach and it WASN'T CROWDED.

See that ipad on the wall? All the systems are controlled by it - lights, shades, water, temp....

  1.5 bathrooms - though I don't think that fancy seat cover is to my liking. The 1/2 bath had a big TV on the wall - go figure. 

We're on a mission to find something I can drive - yes, I think I could do this easier than the trailer. 

All the plumbing - one of those buttons is amazing. You push it and the stinky slinky shoots out, push it again and it retracts. The man said "No one has to mess with the slinky." I let him know I don't have to mess with it in our cheapo trailer either. The difference between our aluminum frame and this stainless steel frame was phenomenal. 

This was a fun way to spend a morning. I would like to visit some a motorhome factory too - but the Fleetwood, Monaco and Winnebago weren't giving tours.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What? No blog?

Oy vey!!!!

I've not blogged since Friday..... time to CATCH UP.

Michael has some days where he is simply stubborn. He refuses to give in to Arthritis or Parkinson's and does what he wants to do - and those are usually very fun days or very productive days.  Our new awning arm came in and we are happily enjoying an awning! Just in time for the heat of Texas.

We stopped by for a quick visit with my parents before we headed to Winco for groceries. They were doing laundry. This reminded Michael that I'd said it takes FOREVER to draw a big load in their dryer. Cleaning out the vent grew and grew - a project that ended up taking 5 hours, 2 trips to the store and lots of laughter as we found 23 or 25 safety pins in the dryer hose....and other repairs to tend to.
Alex went under the house

Michael went under the house
We have enough Sundays in Eugene to visit all the kids' churches. Today we went to Westside Foursquare. The pastor wasn't there, but the sermon was good and seeing Arielle and Cory was a bonus. We all headed over to Krista's church, Lively Stone,  next. She and Kent had been up late making was a Mexico Mission Trip fundraiser. It was fun to jump in and help. We enjoy fellowship with this branch of the body.

Michael was in a lot of pain and so we ducked out and spent the rest of the day cozy in the Caboose.

We are blessed to be able to go with the day - flex as needed. Monday was another not so wonderful day for Michael. The fatigue and shakes which sometimes hit regardless of meds and patches - hit. We went with it. Nolan had Japanese lesson - so it WAS a productive day. ::Snort::

I finally made it to Winco.

The highlight of Tuesday was lunch with Mom, Dad and Aunt Marge!  Aunt Marge and Aunt Celia were single missionaries who first came into my life in Liberia, West Africa. They taught me K - 2. I used to ride between Marge and Ceila on their motor scooter around the mission compound.  Years later, when I was a high school student in the Philippines, they were reassigned to the Philippines! How cool is that? Marge lives in the Philippines now, but was stateside for 3 weeks. I would love to make a trip to visit.
Me and Auntie Marge - 4+ decades later
Tuesday Bella turned two weeks old. I love this photo! She is growing in all the ways she should be and coming into a sweet personality. 

Michael attended a Men's prayer group this a.m. I attended a Ladies brunch. We made an unexpected trip to the local VA clinic. We filed a piece of paper the VA system had sent to the wrong address. Michael had a session with JaRissa - and we all enjoyed seeing photos of their Alaskan apartment.

That's all folks! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

#WYFF - Family Game Night & Trailer Day

Yikes- I didn't take one FOOT picture for #WYFF - but here's where our feet were anyway! ::wink::

Every 3rd or 4th day we need what we call a "trailer" or "down" day.....I think the term "down day" is misleading. We need to take care of the things of life: laundry, baking bread, any minor repairs....because when you have few clothes and live in a teeny tiny house - you don't want a lot of laundry piling up.

This was a WILD weather day in our part of OR. It  rained - hard off and on - in between the sun was bright....and then we had thunder too, somewhere in the mix....It was a good day for a "trailer" day.

We headed to "The Girls'" while they were at work and school.....and did 5 loads of laundry...and I baked 8 loaves of bread.  Why would we haul everything there? We'd rather pay them the exorbitant laundry rates than a park, ::snort:: AND we know their machines well  -we  gave them to them when we moved from our SB (Stick and Bricks) home.  AND.....they have THIS....a double oven!

 This is about triple the oven space we have in the Caboose. I gave mom and Krista a loaf, put three loaves in Krista's freezer and brought three home. Evidently, I hit the broil instead of bake in the top oven and the tops of 3 loaves were a bit brown before I caught the mistake.

Michael worked on editing a college paper for Arielle, the kids played and read. We were finishing about the time Krista came home from work. She did a very little bit of homework, Michael ran for Papa Murphy's, Mom and Lorri arrived, I baked pizzas and  we ate and played games. Dad ran to a meeting at New Hope and then joined us.  Our first game was Farkle. This is new to us and Alex and Stacia learned today. I think it will be a fun one we can play in the trailer.

Nolan went with Krista to game night with her friends last Friday. They do this most Fridays.  He was introduced to a new game - Dominion. We tried to find it at Target as Nolan had a gift card for Target  (hadn't heard about the big Target flap - no need to inform me now, I've been on FB since then LOL). Now FOLKS if we don't SPEND the Target gift cards we have the company makes MORE money - so show some grace.  In any event - none of the Targets had it in stock. Terrah, a friend of Krista's, loaned it to us so Nolan could show us how fun the game would be.

Nolan LOVES strategy games! Most of us like games which are shorter than 10 hours at a whack....and long, long games are hard to maintain in the Caboose. I wonder if he and Krista conspired to teach us this one? In any event, I'm told you can play it in 30 min. (when everyone knows what they are doing - which wasn't us).

Nolan and Krista had their hands full teaching us - but by the end of the night we were catching on and seeing the potential in the game. We'll have to keep looking for it.

We got - Me and Lorri


Pretty hand - what do you do with it? LOL 


Krista ended up not playing - she bounced back and forth between us. Thanks, Krista! We'll remember you and Terrah and Hudson each time we play! 
Nolan and Krista were great teachers

Grandpa (my Dad)

After a couple of days of sight-seeing, Michael found himself nearly incapacitated for the day. Not only were his joints ready for a break, he had a hard time staying awake and so sat in the recliner and dozed in and out. BUT he was there. Chronic Fatigue is a symptom of Parkinsons that seems to be fairly consistent and brutal. We're learning to work with it.

Krista and Grandma (my mom)

I didn't really figure out the purpose in the game, or how to win, until the very end.  It was a fun family Friday night.

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