Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 3 - Exploring D.C.

*BLUF ALASKANS TOUR D.C. FOR 8 HOURS IN THE RAIN AND END UP SUNBURNED!!!! We had a great time and ate some fantastic Pizza. LOL 

The GPS said it would take about 3 hours to get to the parking garage in DC. We left the girls' apartment at 0600. We arrived at 1030....and were on our tour bus by 1050. At the first stop a lady getting on said, "Hello, De'Etta." It was Lisa B - an online friend for probably close to 20 years. What are the chances of meeting on a tour bus in DC with ABSOLUTELY NO COORDINATION?

The tour company gave us all ponchos as it was raining....and it rained all day. We looked pretty fresh getting on the bus.

Our first stop at the Capitol 

We asked Jared what we needed to see in DC. He said, "We, The Pizza." He loved it as an intern and it was in walking distance from the Capitol. We went off the beaten path and had some yummy, YUMMY pizza.

We toured the US Holocaust Museum. It was good; we needed much more time. There is MUCH to do here. I think we'll need to come back a week early for Krista's graduation (maybe more). When we got back on the bus, we opted for the top level. It wasn't raining, and we knew we'd get better photos. It did begin to rain - to POUR.  The photos were better from the top  - and the ride was certainly more memorable. 

Lisa saw us going around the corner and came back to join us at the top of the bus. YAY - I'd been thinking I should have taken a photo earlier. 

Ford's Theatre
Washington Monument


Reagan Building
 This is on the side of the Newseum. 

We were very wet and cold and came back inside. 

It was a fun day....with unexpected surprises and weather.