Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oriase Gorge - Love it!

Michael took his day off this week and we headed for the Gorge - October 20th. We knew it would be one of the last few chances for family fun until after Regional Conference. I struggled to maintain boundaries and priorities and did pretty well until the final two weeks before conference. 

We love Lake Towada and the Oriase Gorge. This day we decided to drive around the lake on our way home. We discovered  a campground, a gorgeous view, Mt Hakodda and more.

Beautiful Lake Towada in the Fall 
Family Fun - watching everyone watch us as Mike sets the timer and runs! 
At the shrine

Magicians are drawn to the kids....and this day was no different....actually as I was buying food I heard, "mom, MOM...all the grandmas are taking our pictures!"  I turned around and sure enough about six grannies "discreetly" snapping photos, and rubbing Stacia and Zander's heads. 
Who can blame them....Food on a stick

More food on a stick - its a tradition to feed the vending machine at the lake - Hagen Daas in Japan. 

Adding to today's excitement - we had to find someone to jump us as our battery was dead. It appears this gentleman had never done a thing under his hood....but he let us hook up. 

New views - merged with favorite views

Up by Tsugaru....a spot we've wanted to visit but didn't expect to find this day! ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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