Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Moose Yoga

There was some suspicion the moose would not return after their run-in with our garden fence. However, we noted they left about the timing hunting season started - and they seem to do that every year. Sure enough....hunting season ended, it snowed in the mountains and our moose are back.

Our biggest garden pest to date!
Do you see her?

The first two back were not just ANY moose - it's ROSY with the red collar!  Rosy and "Baby," back at Wibbly Wobbly Acres and.....


Benny is a great moose spotter! 

"No! Moose! Owie."  It was cute to listen to Benny warn them about the garden fence (which we turned off when we'd harvested). 

This spot next to the woodpile is where they used to sleep - but "someone" put a gravel pile in their sleeping spot. LOL 

It's fun to have them back again. I can be very hospitable when they aren't eating all my cabbage!