Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sunday Sightings

 During this season of travel and transition, we are enjoying visiting many different church bodies. We're never 100% sure what we'll find. Our last new visit was to Eugene Faith Center. Stacia remarked, "It's like a museum or an airport  in here." The "foyer" IS amazing. We were surprised the pastor remembered Michael from college group decades ago. They had fun talking about the intervening years. Pastor Steve talked on Joshua 1.9 - Michael was wearing this year's Gherkin Shirt....Strong. Courageous!  It was a fun visit.

We'd not visited Elmira Open Bible before and chose to do so this morning.  We found friends of BreZaak, a friendly body of believers who truly know, love and care for one another, vibrant worship and a challenging message. It's awe-inspiring to see the same spirit of love and community at work in big, small and medium  expressions of Christ's church.

This is the neighbor's sign at the edge of the church's lot. 

If "The Pump," in Springfield can be a yummy restaurant, it seems only fair "The Station," in Elmira can be a full-service beauty salon.

Where else can you get a cut, curl, lube, oil and filter?

We drove around Elmira - pop 2600.

We drove to Veneta and tried to find the bird farm we house sat  our first summer of marriage over thirty-four years ago. We have become THOSE people. The ones who drive their kids to old stomping grounds, only to discover they can't locate the grounds as it's changed in the past 3 decades. ::snort::

We enjoyed the morning at church and driving around and discussing the type of town where we'd like to live.  We like small towns. We like a bit of quirky. We like farming communities. We'd like to find Hardin, MT in Alaska.

....and then the Falcons lost. Seahawks in 2018.