Friday, July 16, 2021

FULLY Present Day

We lived FULLY present today! We also RAN and PEOPLED all day. LOL 

My day began with a 0530 zoom small group in which I participate. I'd missed the past two weeks and it was nice to be back. 

At 0700 Stacia and I headed out for Bible study. We are working through Project 3:45. She'd begun it with youth group at the same time I began it with Bible Babes and Gather - our local women's ministry. She wanted to complete it so when youth group plans changed she and I  continued. We finished 2 Cor and began Matthew. 

We were back home at 0900 and prepping for a day at the Swimming Hole with Arielle and the boys. Before anyone worries about our lack of life vests...LOOK how shallow that water is! It is NEVER even up to our shoulders. Benny had a life vest almost immediately. 

Stacia, Allie and Benny can't wait to get into the water
πŸ“· by Arielle

The blanket gang - πŸ“· by Arielle

πŸ“· by Arielle

Mommy/Son Fun 

Benny, Arielle, Allie & Stacia 

Such a charming smile! Danny - 8 months

Stacia is sitting on the bottom 

This was a cute moment. Arielle is trying to coax Benny back into the cold water. "Come to Mama." 

Even Danny had a chance in the Kayak. 

I tried a new thing....Arielle is a great teacher...though she does seem a bit concerned in the second shot. 

The moment I became a kayaking Granny (Baachan).

I am  glad CoRielle didn't accept our offer of the Kayak. I can SEE how it isn't a good fit for Michael or the boys...but I enjoyed it...and it's light enough for me to take out on solo outings. 

We took advantage of being out to get more behind the wheel practice for the girls. Allie's folks loaned us their student driver magnetic sign... I found the other one downtown and it was too perfect. Most seem to smile and back off when we remember to put them on the car. Otherwise, come on people, CHILL. It isn't going to kill you if a car drives around you six or seven times. LOL 

It was a great outing. The perfect way to end the week. We discovered going to the Swimming Hole EARLY is fantastic. Much more peaceful.  Grandpa was so worn out he didn't even make it through the paper. 

Yard work must be done. LOL It takes us 14 man hours to get our place mowed - and it's never "done." In other words we always have brush to cut back or more areas we "could" mow if we chose to do so. The girls cleaned inside and got dinner prepped, while I continued working on the yard. (Last night Michael and I had started while the girls made a wonderful Chicken dinner for the family). 

Michael and Alex went out for their study. They are looking at all the battles in the Bible. 

About an hour in - Alex and Michael showed up. Alex was a welcome sight coming around the corner on the riding mower..."The Cavalry is coming!" 

The cavalry 

We have two weed eaters, a riding mower, and a push mower. All were placed into service.  I'm no good with the weed eater and Alex likes the riding mower. I'm pretty good with a push mower. After the girls were done inside, they joined us outside and tackled weeds. I sort of like yard days. 

Weeding with pizazz! 

Well done! 

The chickens also appreciate the girls' work! Yumm! Weeds

I decided to push back into the woods with the mower. I discovered the stinging nettle, which is nasty, but I also discovered a lot of wildflowers. We picked a jar full for the house. 

As far as I got - plan to push back a bit further

Look what showed up this year

I had snapdragons in the garden last year. A bird must have deposited the seed. I have a bunch of wildflower seeds. I haven't been able to figure out how to sow them as the package dictates. I'm thinking I may just toss it  into the woods...I mean...if the birds can do it...I'm sure THEY don't rake up soil, and such. 

I thought this was a weed. I did my best to cut it  out last year. It's AMAZING this year. I have no clue what it is, but I'm fairly certain it's not a weed. Once again, if you are local this ex-military-never-landscaped-spouse sure could use your landscaping expertise. LOL 

I have NOT kept up with the strawberries because I've been unhappy with them and am not quite sure what to do to help them...foraging for berries can be fun...I've not had any sweeter than these. I'll have to be sure to point them out to grandkids. 

I spotted this in the garden and made a note to be sure to show Bella. 

I mowed a path to the hammocks and I mowed all the horse tail under the hammocks. I rewarded myself by resting in my hammock and watching the birds and squirrels play above me - though neither are in this photo. LOL  Now one doesn't feel as if they are on safari when they visit the hammocks. 

The garden - my happy place

Bre and the kids came over for pizza and s'mores.  They were EXCITED. They don't remember having s'mores before. This should be titled "The Many Faces of Annie." She's becoming such a fun character. She really KNEW she was helping and was essential to the project. 

Bella came running to me, "Grandma the plants are so big!" I am glad the fence was unplugged when she ran into the garden. 

She is quite happy with planting and growing these. We talked about a good way to cook them. She left muttering, "Slice them and give them oil...then...."

Our first cucumber

"My turn!" Such adorable sass. 

Annie isn't so sure about the s'more thing

She may not be sure about s'mores, but she loved the individual ingredients! LOL 

Bre and Jojo (8 months)

The roasting is the best. 

Gideon's verdict, "Too messy." 

The worlds gone MAD. I can eat as much sugar as I want. 

Sugar Free S'more - oh yeah! 

All 3 asleep by the time they got home. πŸ“· by BreAnne

Bre and the kids left around 9 and Dad went to bed. The girls, Michael and I sat around the fire for another hour. There is no better place to connect than around a campfire....though this wasn't technically a campfire. There is no better place to connect than around a house fire  a fire ring! ::wink:: 

The weekend is ahead of us. We have much to get between now and when Will arrives to spend a week with Dad on Thursday.  But for now, we love a freshly mowed yard....