Sunday, July 09, 2017

Girl's Weekend Day 2

Day 2 of our Girl's weekend....we took care of business - laundry and the week's grocery shopping and then we went on the hunt for a few things we couldn't find on base. 

First stop Pita Pit - Stacia approved
Yummy food AND a 10% military discount
 We were trying to find a wok, a ceramic pot and rain boots.  Somehow, we ended up at Kohl's looking at purses....2 years since we've bought a new one. We resisted. 

We were surprised when we struck out on both woks and boots at Target and Kohls. We knew we could find a pot at Lowe's.  We stopped and savored the year, we'll have a yard...and we can plant things to stay....and have a real garden and not a container year....

We found a pot....and headed home to re-plant my Mother's Day flowers from BreZaak and the kids. 

We enjoyed some tea and scones.....dreaming of when we'll have the fine china and such for a tea. 

We're watching Princess Diaries 2 and waiting for the return of the's been a good weekend.