Sunday, March 12, 2023

First Sunday in Spring?

An odd thing happened to Stacia this morning. She fainted. Ears muffled, vision black and down she went. She was WHITE... devoid of color. About 10 minutes after the incident, she looked better, and I took her blood pressure. It was on the low side...88/65.  I was staying home with Dad today due to Shingles, so we kept her home too - just to watch her.  

We enjoyed playing a new game: Pickles to Penguins. OK - so the girls and I enjoyed learning a new game. Michael was tired and said he'd rather just sit and watch. Games with little strategic sense or logic are not Michael's favorite games. 

KrUke and the kids (we assume) rang our doorbell and dropped off spring gifts! SPRING. I am taking this as an official sign it IS Spring...that and the time change...we still have much snow...but we're calling it. Spring is here....Alaska style. LOL 

Checking out the spring gifts from KrUke
Hope you had a good Sunday.