Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday that Feels Like Monday

Tuesday and the long weekend is over. I've begun receiving questions and realize we left everyone hanging with the house inspection.  The inspector did a great job and came back (as they always do) with a list of needed repairs. A few were on the big side, and there were many on the small side. We discussed the results of the home inspection with our realtor. We followed his advice and are in discussion with the sellers as to whom will handle which repairs.  

We are going ahead and moving to AK before it's time to close - our thoughts are several. We WANT to be there to close early - we'd like to make it to Krista's COT graduation the end of the month.  IF this house does not close, we'll be nearby to pursue our other two choices - which are still on the market. 

Today - the men continued to work on the trailer. Yes, it's time consuming but they are saving us at least $2500. 

Meanwhile, Mom had an appointment at radiology and then Stacia and I watched Bella so BreZaak could visit with Gideon.

Turkeys as we left campus 
 Gideon's beautiful smile....we continue to pray, watch and wait for Gideon's homecoming! 

Shew - Tuesdays that look and feel like Mondays have got to be  some kind of psychological warfare tool.