Sunday, April 29, 2012


  • "I no longer have perfect attendance at RE for life!" We've ruined Arielle's "life time attendance" streak these past 7 weeks. First Michael was ill, then in the hospital, then recovering...and today is the last day!  There's always next year, baby gal! 
  • TnT Ps 40.10 - He gifts us with righteousness, faithfulness, salvation, loving-kindness and truth so we can share with the great congregation! It's not all about ME. 
  • God has such a sense of humor....I was going with Matt 16 but Luke 9 (today's e-100) has all my retreat topics in one chapter...secrecy, solitude, surrender....and that order may solve the question we've been wrestling with what comes first on a retreat schedule....chicken or the egg....solitude or surrender....we had decided surrender....I think maybe flipping. We shall see.  All I know for sure is I have the first session and the last session....and Surrender is nearly in the bucket. 
  • Excited to hear Michael preach again today. It's been too long. 
Choosing Joy!
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