Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner Out

After the retreat - seven of us went to dinner at Uotami. It was a nice to time to relax after the busy weekend....though I had fun with some of the menu options....

Simmered Pork Cartilage

Highly recommended thinly sliced pickled pork intestines

Horse meat sashimi or shabushama? - Any way you say it - if it's raw on the menu, I've learned it will show up raw on my plate. So thankful for photos in Japanese menus. 

I opted for the "Chain wide cook off winner" - Collagen. The menu promised it would be very good for my skin - and Japanese women do look youthful. I wasn't sure about the scissors, but quickly figured it out. 

Yes, this is my "relief/retreat" exhaustion look. ::snort:: 

May I just say making the choice to NOT eat pork years ago has saved me from many eating adventures in Japan? ::snort:: After dinner we went to the chapel and unpacked Tara's van.

I came home, unloaded my van. I'll put things away, clean the house, finish some regional business, attend chapel and pack tomorrow...for Monday I fly.

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

The Retreat that Became a FLING! ::snort::

Semper Gumby was our motto as we planned this year's local retreat.

It was a learning experience (as I like a PLAN) and ultimately a joy (!) to serve as Misawa's Retreat Coordinator this year. We had a Fall Rally the end of August and had planned a 3 day/2 night retreat in May....the date had to change  due to Military exercises earthquake and tsunami, a voluntary departure involving many of our members, a return of many of our ladies (Welcome BACK!)...and a change in venues.....

Renee was our anointed speaker. She spoke on Glory, Arise, and Light from Is 60:1-3. This beautifully tied up our year's theme -  Shine in the Light of His Glory. We began exploring this theme at the Fall Rally focusing on Matt 5 and being salt and light. It has been amazing to watch how God prepared us for current events.

We went to Komaki for our Fri night meeting, dinner and onsen enjoyment-no onsen photos will be forthcoming. 

Retreat Team members showed up at 3:00 to set up (and repeated in a new location the next a.m.)

Chocolate and Onsen just go together....

Annette and Sarah were champs! 

Flowers, chocolate, candles...we're good. 

Ruth and Mandy, our registration team, BREATHED Semper Gumby! 

Perfect, one of our first registrants coordinates with the tote! Love ya, Tanya. 

Small group leaders are briefed and pray


Kobayashi-san is our liaison with Japanese Venues. He's invaluable and it was a learning experience to work with him this past year.  I learned much about Japanese culture. He very much approved of my announcements about onsen behavior - giving me high praise, "De'Etta-san, you are just like Japanese." 

I shared briefly about Dancing with God in shaky situations

Becky and Mandy led us to the throne of grace

We were OFF - with small groups exploring the concept of "Glory". 

Renee shared 3 sessions - centered on Glory, Arise, Light - Excellent time in the Word

I haven't a CLUE - but it was fun. 

We moved to Misawa AB ski lodge for Saturday's sessions. 


Renee kept things moving with charades, skits, times of personal reflection...we enjoyed munchies, games, sharing....

What is God calling you to Arise from and Arise to? 

Gifts were given to our amazing Retreat team. I asked two to remain and as all sat down, I realized Renee (speaker) and Susane (President)  are both leaving shortly. What a joy it has been to serve with these two ladies the past two years. 

Board gifts for Susane were two of Twyla Misawa's famous pillow cases, a photo albums, notes and letters from the PWOC group and a gift certificate for a facial. 

Well - something was funny, I'm sure. Work hard but HAVE FUN! 

Tara surprises me with a gift from y'all - card (such sweet encouragement from one of the best PWOC groups in the world) and itunes for my ipad (already purchased movie for my flight) and a bit of green for a pedicure (which is a new Misawa thing for me!). 

The event ended with the recognition and thanks to the 2010-2011 PWOC board and the installation of the 2011-2012 Misawa PWOC board.

Susane shared some thoughts on serving the past two years

2011-2012 Misawa PWOC Board (partial)
De'Etta (Pres), Mary (Titus 2), Mandy (Admin), Tara (Spiritual Life), Sarah (Finances), Christie (Hospitality), Ruth (Prayer)...Kristin (Programs) and Jess (Publicity) were unable to attend. There are still a few open positions.... ::wink, wink:: - We can promise you hard work, personal growth and lots of friendship and fun! 

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...