Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break - College Preview - Day 6

We are very tired! Arielle spent the night fussing about Stacia stealing her pillows. Take a close look. If she'd put her head at the TOP of the bed she'd find her pillows. ::snort::
We dropped Arielle off at New Hope this morning for College Preview.  We're still processing. She has several ideas. I took the other three to Target (no sales tax here) for new jeans and shoes. SCORE.  We knew were back in Duck country.... 

We stopped so I could have a nice visit with Sherri (sister in law) and then we dropped by Mom and Dad's for a quick visit.  Our next appointment was back across town to pick up Arielle.

Arielle went to meet a potential roommate. Lori, my cousin, and I went to pick up Chinese food. We brought it to Mom and Dad's, the girls arrived, Izaak arrived, Nadia showed up and we had  dinner!

The kids played a round of Disney Scene It and now we're back at the motel settling in....too late to get cookies....