Friday, July 21, 2017

#WYFF - Russian River

Michal and the kids went out fishing Thursday night. A bite or two - but that's it.

Stacia and Michael woke up bright and early and caught the 0600 ferry across today. #WYFF? Ours are beside and in the Russian River.....continuing the chase for Salmon.

The boys' chase is a bit more leisurely but they joined the others across the river. 

Yuuki and I enjoy walks while they fish on the other side. I'm not paying $11 to sit on the same side of the river. Yuuki proves she can still tree squirrels. 

This is how I spend a fishing weekend, at least until I can purchase a residential license. 

By mid-morning Michael radioed across to say they hadn't had a bit all day! They HAD talked to a fish and game warden and she gave them info on a spot to try on the Kenai, in Soldotna. She said that no one was taking anything out of the Russian yet. She was picking up trash and gave Michael this rock in appreciation for him having corralled a bit of trash.

Foiled again, we called Josiah to let him know we were heading to Soldotna. He has the weekend off before flying to OR to drive BreZaak's things up the Alaskan Hwy. He is meeting up with us.

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