Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Body in Action

They recognized me today at Homac....and I have a date to go back on Saturday. I'm hoping Akikosan can go with me so we can really understand each other. One lady told me today she wants a new American friend and gave me her name and number. ::grin::  She offered to write my shopping list in Japanese...but then I wouldn't be able to read it...but they could go and get things for me off the shelf.

They had 42 more containers for Y498 in TOWADA...and Susane and Mary headed off to buy them. This is WELL under the prices of any others in town. They told me they'd have 80 on Saturday. I appreciated this gentleman using TWO phones in his search.

Today PWOC met in the parking lot to go out. Several women purchased items for their own kits which they donated. Others helped me assemble more items for the ones I was shopping for. I've become a pro at finding things in the store.

You are NEVER to young to catch the giving bug....

The ladies suggested lunch at the mall and then finishing off at a 100 yen store. What a great idea. Missed meals yesterday. Yum. Most had 15 min after lunch but Ruth and I started shopping for next week...found the mother lode of fry pans and stock pots at Jusco. LOL

Back at the chapel many folks showed up to help unload. What a nice boost in our lagging energy reserves. Here I discover that Calvary Baptist, a local church, has given us enough Japanese Bibles to meet our need for this week and next week. We're working on more for after that. God is good...I love His body working together.

We have enough items to get 50 kits assembled tomorrow and out the door this week. YES. Several are still bringing in donations and we expect some more monetary gifts. We'll continue as long as God supplies and leads.  I think the cut off for accepting funds is April 29th.

I am busy this week creating a system. Once the system is created, others will be able to step in and do more of the work. That's my prayer. I know I can't keep up this pace indefinitely...but the body working together can do great things. Huah!  I have created labels and such for tomorrow. Thursday, we'll fine tune directions and procedures for our delivery volunteers and we'll see how this goes next week.  My goal is for one or two "others" to know the system so well that this can carry on for the weeks when I'm stateside hugging on our older kids. They need to see us.

I need to get someone to write up IN JAPANESE what I'm doing so I can tell others. Ladies suggested I get a t-shirt that says "I'm going to Miyako City" to wear to stop the hostile stares from other shoppers as I buy cart after cart of merchandise.  Anyway, I AM going to have someone write up what I'm doing so I can show the managers....

Funny today - I was trying to say "I am taking this to Miyako City" and evidently, told one and all..."I AM Miyako City." ::snort:: AND in the Daiso they insisted on giving me gifts when they realized where it was all going....strange "art plants" and votive candles.

Need to get go as I need to prepare for assembly day and Retreat Team meeting tomorrow!

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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