Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Chicks are Here


It's CHICK DAY! Our local chicken farmer has chicks. We seem to be 2 less than we ordered...but we have 20 new chicks. We had wanted 12 novogen and they subbed Bovans Goldline. I've not heard much about this breed, but he insists they are great layers, and he has lots of them on his farm.  We also bought 5 Barred Plymouth Rock hens and we had hoped for 5 "Colored Egg Layers" - these are some they breed for blue and green eggs. We only get 3 chicks.  I've been trying to reach them to either get a refund or get more chicks SOON....I wanted more color. LOL 

It's funny how everyone congregates when one has chicks in the house.  Michael made this wonderful brooder four years ago. Unfortunately, it didn't get put up in the rafters of the woodshed as we thought. The snow and ice cracked the bottom of the brooder. We were able to find another kiddie pool and Michael will fix this shortly. When it's fixed they'll have more space, it's fully enclosed and we can relax a bit about Millie. 

There's few things better than baby chicks!

Stacia gave Millie a look - she was curious. Then she began to train her. So far, so good. Millie is never left outside of her kennel if one of us are not right here with the chicks.  The chicks will soon be fully enclosed and then even if Millie jumps up she wouldn't be able to get to them. We'll move the chicks to the garage in a few weeks - it's still too drafty and cold. 

The price for hugging the chicks is one must then allow Millie to sit on one's lap and hug her! She's emotionally needy. 

Nothing says spring like a houseful of chicks!

Dad is amazed at how quiet they are - proof he needs to wear his hearing aids!