Wednesday, May 09, 2012

School, Wii, Spiritual Disciplines and Chicken Salad

  • TnT I Thess 1.....this town turned from false idols to serve a "living and true God" based on a presentation of the gospel which came not just in words but in power, in the Holy Spirit (led and guided by), with full conviction and accompanied with an authentic and proven example of Paul, Silvanus and Timothy. May I present the gospel in the same way to those who I influence. 
  • Table school done, sick kids shouldn't be out, wii on. 
  • Arielle and Nolan are on their last week of school - will they finish before the girls arrive on Friday? 
  • Working on a packet of prompts for our hour of silence at the retreat....
  • Working on a  resource packet for spiritual disciplines....excited at the resources our speakers are sending (4 of us are sharing the sessions)'s going to be good! I can't wait to hear these ladies! To pour out and to be poured into - a good balance. 
  • 9:00 p.m. better pull my head out of retreat and go make chicken salad for MOPS's tea tomorrow. 
  • Slicing grapes in 1/2 is time consuming. 
  • I do miss veganaise.
Choosing Joy!
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