Sunday, May 22, 2022

May Family Celebration

Grandpa and I didn't make it to church. We are perplexed....don't know exactly what to make of his symptoms, but if he has the ones he mentions, he needs to stay home.  It's hard to tell as he will tell us he's fine, we'll hear him telling others his throat hurts horribly, we ask him when he gets off the phone and he insists he's fine. He's eating fine. But...he has been very tired and weak.  SO - he and I stayed home and he wasn't happy about that but said he really felt too weak to go. 

Cy, Livie and Carrie showed up before Michael and the girls got home from church.  Livie had brought her recorder and was happy to play some more for me...and look at Millie....

Millie isn't sure what to make of the sounds coming from Liv. 

CoRielle showed up before the others got home. Michael did come home shortly. He had taken the girls to meet Jamin at a local lake for a quick bit of paddle boarding. Benny and Livie quickly moved to the trampoline. 

Benny was happy at all the new flowers to choose from. It was almost overwhelming. I heard him trying to enlist others into getting flowers for their moms. 

Jamin and the girls arrived home from paddle-boarding with tales of an assertive loon or two. LOL 

We knew Krista, Luke and kids would be late as would Bre and the kids.  We started eating and before we were done everyone had arrived. 

Today we celebrated JaRissa's anniversary,  Mother's Day, and Izaak, Arielle, Gideon, Kaelyn and Rylan's birthdays.  We threw in a bit of water balloon fighting as well. 

Jamin and Josiah and all the kids...

At one point we all ganged up on Josiah. Note Alex is holding him, Cy grabbed Benny as a shield and the rest are pelting him with water balloons. 

We moved inside for ice cream cakes and gifts. 
5 for Gideon, 25 for Arielle

Liv asked to play for everyone. I love her confidence. And she plans a mean recorder too! 
Liv, Alex, Nolan, Bre, Jojo

When the girls and I were in Anchorage last week we looked for and purchased a new swing for our swing set. We felt a toddler swing would be better for the kids than the climbing bar we currently have. These two loved it - and it made my heart glad to see them enjoying the swing set. 
Danny - 18 months

Annie - 3 yo 
On that happy note I'll end this post.