Monday, July 29, 2013

First Monday!

Michael went to work.

I baked my first item in the new house.

We had breakfast. Trying to get a feel for where furniture will go. 

I put the broom to good use and tackled  cobwebs…unfortunately there are a few windows far higher than I am – even with the extension and standing on a camp chair.  We unpacked all the bags - which means we found the farewell quilt shown below (I didn't read it). This photo shows Stacia on the landing of the 2nd floor - to the right are the art squares and the windows with cobwebs (inside) and pigeon poop (outside) are higher still. 

Arielle needed some alone time… the rest of us went to explore the neighborhood. 

We are blessed with a MUCH cooler day today. Still lots of sun but really pleasant for walking. We found a bigger park a few blocks away.  The boys noted this is the perfect set up for Bunko! 

Zander willingly showed Stacia how to go down the pole. She decided to wait "until she's 8."

We heard chickens in a back yard....and since we have dogs barking all day long on either side of us...chickens may not be too noisy. ::snort:: 

Stacia sat in the hot tub for hours....don't worry about the "heat"....I didn't turn the heater on and the water was at 80 degrees.  We've discovered she's like Krista - she bronzes rather than burns. She'll be stunning in white in a week. 

As we unpacked I found a few more "last minute" items for the mantel.....the glass floats Stacia and Zander found on our last trip to Cape Shiriya, the Sayonara doll the chapel gave us at our farewell (I'm still not reading it), and the memorial flag from Dad G's funeral.

Our first dinner in our home...salad, artichokes, roasted asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, fruit salad and popcorn chicken.

Japanese style 
 No, they are not giving us their rapt attention during family circle....they are watching the PIGEONS...which we've discovered have a NEST above our high window...that explains a lot.  We will go to war when we are settled...we're also tracking down some mice. LOL

Finally, please pray for our adjustment to our new home. We are thrilled with the house. Moving in to the house brings home the reality that we are NOT simply traveling, we won't be going home in a week or two....and this has been hard....especially (today) for Arielle and me. Another prayer request is we find a used car which will work for us and get good gas mileage. It will help when we can explore the area, while Michael is working. ::wink::  I'm finding it really difficult to drive a 15 pass van after driving small Japanese cars at slow speeds for four years. I'd love to find a Nissan Prairie Joy in the states. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...