Monday, December 11, 2017

Surreal Monday

 Monday - doctors seem surprised that Mom is holding on.

The chaplains visit several times. They pray that the God who Mom has "loved and known well all her life would know and love her well in this transition."

The day moves between times of fellowship.....and times of contemplation.

It was fun to see Stan and Gracie. Gracie was our babysitter in the Philippines. 

I enjoyed the moments of solitude with Mom. Knowing they were precious and I would miss them dearly.  When we were alone I continued to read portions of the Bible to Mom, pray over her and speak words of love and affirmation. 

I've been perplexed about the verse that says, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of  His godly ones." Ps 116:15.  How could something we tend to dread, something so hard and painful be precious? In this time away from my children and Michael during Advent, with Mom as she faced death, I once again began to ponder this verse.  Faye, one of mom's friends, shared with me that she thinks it's because God is a good father. He's eagerly prepared treasures and gifts for his child. He's waited for all to be ready and to see the child's excitement at what He's prepared. She is precious to him, and giving her all He's prepared, being face to face with her is precious to Him.  I know how much we love to pick out gifts to bless each child - unique, individual gifts that they will LOVE. I know how we prepare for a big day and how the excitement mounts as the day draws near to reveal all the treasured surprises to the kids. Yes, I think the death of one of His children is like that for God. It's finally all ready, she's precious, He is excited to show her all the treasures....The transition is  precious to Him.  I shared these things with Mom as I would have if we were sitting in her living room.

Stacia was leaving on Tuesday. Will came to the hospital and Dad and I went home. I knew I needed to do something fun with Stacia....something that would make a special memory for the two of us. We also needed to do something Christmasy.  The last few years we've taken Mom to look at Christmas Lights. There are some great ones in her neighborhood. I went home, grabbed Stacia and Lorri and we went out to enjoy some lights.  In this spot neighbors have joined together to make quite a showing. The lights go across the street from one house to the next. They have a box to collect food and such for the area's needy.

In the end, Dad and I got called back to the hospital. We spent the night with Mom and Will....listening to old Bill Gaither music and speaking with one another quietly. I left at 3 a.m. to get Stacia to the airport.