Friday, July 09, 2021

Friday Night Visitors!

Izaak is on an overnight fishing trip. Bre and the kids came over this evening. Bre brought some dough with her  and let the kids make their own pizzas - always a hit.  We purchased Papa Murphys - making use of that military discount. LOL 
All the BIG girls ate at the Island - Bella (5), Stacia and Allie

We had fun chasing kids around, visiting, listening to kids....and doing a bit of a catch up. Annie is hard to catch in a shot...but here's one. Gideon was moving far to fast all evening for me to catch him. I have no excuse for missing Jojo. 

We had hoped to light the fire and have s'mores - but it was raining. We'll keep making our best use of clear nights. LOL 

This was a nice way to end the day...most of the day was filled with CAKES.....trying to get that cake from The Market RIGHT. LOL 

Alex's Adventure

 Woot! Alex's driving test began at 9:45. He was at the office at 9:30 as requested. Grandpa said, "I think Alex is going to do good." 

Alex said my voice was ringing in his ears as he took his test. "Put your tail on the line!"  Michael said he nailed the parallel parking on the first try.  He went on to pass the driving test with flying colors. 

The funny thing is  I was taking Allie to work about 15 min after Alex's test began. He passed me two or three times as I dropped her off, picked up a drink, and headed home. LOL  He looked cool and collected and was driving well. 

The first graduate of our CURRENT batch of students at the  driving school. ::snort:: Two to go.....