Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Hmmm....I crossed 12 things off my to do list. There were 11 left. LOL

I am most excited to have David and BreAnne's tickets finalized for Christmas.

Josiah called and had voted early. His first time to vote.

I made cookies.
Arielle and Nolan and I spent a couple of hours working on their electon lap books. They have voter registration cards....I thought it would be fun for them to have an absentee ballot - and I have one that missed us a few cycles back. I was going to put it in their lapbook....and then I realized it is MY Presidential absentee ballot. THAT was close.
Well, it's late...and I didn't sleep much last night.

©2008 D.R.G.

Goodness, I've not sent a "family life" update since Thursday. I apologize, Mom.

I cannot remember what we did on Friday - but I am sure it was a full day. ::snort::

I got to go have fun with PWOC friends on Saturday. We went to the Pottery Ranch. You can see photos of that here. Unfortunately, I've not learned to tell business owners, friends etc. that their scented candles will give me migraines. I didn't even notice the candle until I noticed PAIN. I have maxalt but it knocks me out...and I didn't want to take one until I got home. I slept the rest of the day.

Sunday - I slept some more.

Monday - Another great day - Mom's Night Out for our Homeschool Support Group. I really enjoyed the testimony/talk of our guest speaker - Betsy. One of her sons flies the unmanned planes in the USAF and another is at Harvard. I really enjoyed talking afterwards about the unmanned crafts. ::snort::

Before Mom's Night Out a dear friend and I met for dinner. (Hey, Julie). I was so glad she called to remind me that we were doing that. I was fried and had forgotten.

I spent much of Monday with school and working on projects.

Saturday, I was given permission to work on a project that I've been chomping to try since July. In retrospect, I should have done it THEN and mothballed it until the approval came through. I kept thinking I didn't want to spend the hours on it and have it not approved. Guess I'll spend the hours now. ::snort:: I'm very excited about this and will say more when I have the final approval to share more. (If you are a careful blog reader you've figured it out, I'm sure.) ::snort::

Debbie, saved my bacon and most likely my sanity with a few design tips. Check out the new Goodfellow look. I can't wait.....OK enough of that..... I'm really itching now to change the look of THIS blog....but I'm trying to stay focused on finishing projects FIRST. I know it will take a bit of time to change this one with all the sidebar widgets. I really LIKE change and I've had this look for 8 months now. I like it - but I am itching to try something new. I thought playing with other projects would take care of this itch....but the itch is there, I just don't have the time to do much damage. YET....maybe tomorrow night when all are at work and CAP. LOL

Tuesday - School, PWOC Bible Study, and FALL DECOR - photos to follow.

TODAY - I'm caught up - well not in real life, but on the blog. I have put in the produce order, emailed the produce co-op, supervised a bit of school, gone to the gym, and worked on a project.

©2008 D.R.G.