Monday, November 07, 2011

Tuesday in Korea

Tuesday found Lauren arriving in Seoul. Lauren and I spent time shopping, printing, planning, meeting with the hotel..... We also found time to play....after working so hard together - this was necessary.

I loved all the options for nail colors and nail art - It was CHEAPER than Misawa too. 

Cindy (middle) and Lori from Yongsan joined us. These 3 ladies are ROCK STARS!

She took a razor to Lauren's feet

Lauren was suitably suprised

My conference toes

 Rachelle checked in with us in the evening (she and son had been sightseeing earlier).

 Kim, our keynote speaker arrived in the evening. 

Cathy arrived from Yokota AB - the whole team is in place. Lauren and I spent the night working and visiting while everyone else settled in to their hotel rooms. 

Choosing Joy!
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