Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Bike Rides

 I spent many, many happy hours this spring and summer walking....

and when Stacia reminded us she would like a bike...well....we had promised her a new one when we moved and hadn't made it happen to date. Michael found a sale, got her a bike...

and I knew just the route for us to explore on our bike rides. It's much nice riding down the hills than walking down the hills. 

This is a sugar free funnel cake Krista created. We have re-created it a few times since she made it for her class via zoom. LOL 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

 This was our first FAMILY gathering since Dad's birthday celebration in March - before the Covid lockdown.  It was so nice to have everyone together again.  Krista made me a fun chicken face covering....

Dad found some steak on sale. He began talking about buying steak and having everyone over last week. This morphed into him buying the steak for Mother's Day. The steak was 50% off.  We invited everyone over and set up in the backyard - keeping with the outdoor mandates on gatherings. 

There was plenty of food - and it was all good. 

It was pure joy to simply spend time with each other after the long spring spent apart. 
Jamin, Krista, Stacia, Cy and Nolan 

Jamin, Krista, Stacia, Bre & Annie

Dad got Cory and Cy to help him bring out the orchids he'd purchased for each of us girls - to include Krista and Stacia. 

Izaak, Gideon, Michael and Arielle

Yes, we ate...we also played yard games and helped get the last of the big, dead tree moved from where it had fallen. 

Nolan and Benny

A fun highlight of this day is the baby bumps Bre and Arielle are starting to sport. They are due within a week of each other in November. Alex, Jamin, Arielle and I played a rousing game of croquet - making up rules as we went. 

All this excitement for coming in next to last. 

Even the moose came to celebrate. 

It was a great day, made even more meaningful because of the time we've been apart. 

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Pass Through Prayer

*Written July 13, 2020

Mother's Day was approaching and it was obvious we would not be back in church. The weeks of "staying at home" were wearing on people.  We weren't sure how much longer we'd be unable to meet in person. What could we do?  We settled on a Pass Through Prayer event on Saturday, May 9th.  

People stayed in their cars. Pastoral Staff wore gloves and masks. We'd connect and pray with anyone who came through and we'd give Mom's a gift ahead of Mother's Day. The weather cooperated - it was gorgeous. 
Excited to see everyone

One is never sure how many will come to an event like this, especially on a gorgeous afternoon in May. The vast majority of those who attend our church stopped by. It was great to see each other, share concerns, and  pray together - in person. 

This was just what many of us needed during this time. 

Check out the Star Wars masks
Krista and I didn't have to worry about social distancing...
Dad and Alex came to get out! 

This is one of my favorite memories from the months of shut down. We'd not realized how deeply we'd miss seeing each other...the joy at just a quick connection is something we will remember for years to come. It's been a blessing to be a part of a church body that flexed so easily to meet changing needs in an uncertain time.

Friday, May 08, 2020

Visit from the D Kids

The "Stay at Home," Covid restrictions have lifted enough that BreZaak feel comfortable with Bre and the kids visiting. We sprayed down all the equipment with bleach water, and we stayed outside....we tried to watch the 6 foot rule...and there were 10 of us or less....

The kids were excited to come to Baachan's Treehouse (Grandma's Park). We all loved spending time together. 
Non-scale vistory on display - Baachan jumps on the trampoline this year
Dandelion salve in our future

Alex had the day off and pulled out his bow and arrows. 

Start them young - Bella got to shoot as she was abiding by the safety rules. 

Gideon enjoyed helping Krista sew up a fun mask for Uncle Ax.

Ready for work where masks are required. 

Annie is warming up to us. She was quite impressed with her ability to make noise on the piano with Auntie Yay ya. 

One of the hardest parts of Sequester 2020 has been not being able to be around the kids and grandkids who don't live with us. Today was breathtakingly special.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Old Routines Find New Norms

 In this time of Sequestration - old routines find new norms. Stacia and I continue to go out weekly for Bible study. Dining in isn't an option - we have come to enjoy grabbing our breakfast and finding a local trailhead to visit with breakfast and our study....and a quick walk afterwards. Here we are this morning.

We found a rock! I can paint one like this. 

Sophia's has NEVER let Stacia down. This morning, however, they were OUT of Spanakopita.  Stacia was so discouraged that we set about making Spanakopita and Baklava to go with our salmon for dinner.
Unique and Effective mask

Wednesday, May 06, 2020


It's painful to cut trees down....but we are busy cutting trees. We have quite a few spruce infected with spruce beetles...and several older trees that are dead....The power company had told us these two old trees would need to come down. The gal who came out said to call and ask THEM to remove them. We had them out and they said it wasn't a problem with the power lines. Two employees - two different answers. We, however, KNEW they had to come down. We hired help for this as they were TALL....and sure enough they were hollow at the bottom. 

Krista interuppted her Zoom work day for a bit of a PT break. LOL 
We have deep holes in the yard where branches were driven deep into the ground from the force of it's fall.

It's bare up front now. We knew this was coming and had planted 4 pine trees last year. We have 3 more ready to plant.  We'll be exposed for a number of years...but we'll be HERE when these trees are big enough to provide some privacy. Imagine that!!!

It took a few days to get both trees cut up and everyone got involved in the project ...our wood pile is is the brush pile to burn.

The moose love the brush pile. 

*Alex was very involved in this project but somehow I missed getting a photo of him. Stacia and I helped move a bit of brush - not much. We were busier inside.