Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wednesday of Wedding Week

Larissa is here! We are so happy to have her here for crunch time.  She ran to the feed store and got hay bales. We will be using the bales at the wedding.  

Meanwhile,  Arielle,  Allie and I unloaded the green trailer and Stacia watched kids.    We found a lot of Krista's things to take to her.  We were  searching for  vintage suitcases and my mothers wedding dress.  Tonight was Krista's bachelorette party. Her matron of honor, Arielle, was throwing it and wanted it to be easy for her. We planned to all meet on base. One of "games" was to dress the bride. We all purchased outfits for Krista to model. I bought a look,  but I thought it would be fun to take Mom's dress too. We opened the trailer with great hope - which lasted about .5 second. 

We looked and looked.  We unpacked the whole trailer and didn't find it. We repacked the trailer. I did find some end tables and an antique typewriter to move  inside. I found a ton of old clothes to wash and donate and towels to wash and keep. 

We went inside and looked under the stairs and in closets, no dress. We FINALLY found it in the CRAFT CLOSET. Why? 

The girls and I and Larissa drove over to meet Arielle, Bre, and JoJo. We caravanned to the base. We knew there'd be a wait to get visitor passes for the older girls, but we didn't know it would take one hour to get the passes. When we all met up at Krista's  Arielle got busy putting decorations and plates out. We enjoyed a fantastic Puerto Rican meal cooked by Maria. 

Jojo was the only boy at the party

Brittany had planned some fun games. We played wedding trivia and opened gifts.

 By far the highlight of the night was our bride modeling the "looks" we had created for her. I did not name the looks....their creators did. 
Pirate Bride 

Married Woman 

Amish Bride

NOW - THIS is the dress that came for me from China. Stacia and Allie bought accessories to go with it and named it the Tacky Bride look. LOL 
Tacky Bride

There was a Trashy Bride look - which will not be posted online. Krista gamely modeled. 
80's Bride 

This suitcase was my mother in laws. I packed the Vintage Bride (my Mom's dress) in the suitcase. 

 The  creator of the winning look was given the prize of putting our bride's makeup on for her. concealer - NOT the lipstick I believed it to be. 

The moment they removed my blindfold. 

I guess "I" won't be doing her wedding makeup. LOL 

This is the moment we realized BRE is taller than ME.  I suspected we were about the same - but the others say, "Not so."  My shoulders are certainly higher than hers...hmmm...maybe we'll call for a re-match. LOL 

The Sisters - frozen in this moment. 
Stacia (nearly 16), Bre (36), Krista (34), Arielle (24)

And then we figured out how to get a photo of all of us....Carrie and Brittany had already left.....

It was a really fun night, and I was so happy to be a part of it. Krista has got to be the most laid-back bride I have met. 

When we begin the evening it said there was a 40% chance of rain during The Wedding. By the end of the evening it said there was a 30% chance of rain. We're still praying for a sunny day Saturday.

June's Randomness

 It would appear I lost a couple of weeks at the start of June....what with school and the wedding and SUN and all. Y'all the SUN. I simply must be outside as much as possible. I AM Vit D deficient (taking 50K of those puppies to get normal)....and it seems I crave to be I am. LOL  

Here is one of those catch-up random posts...things I thought I'd capture and share but never got around to sitting INSIDE at the keyboard...I need to bring back campfire blogging. It worked great when we lived in the RV. LOL 

There have been NO canning lids in Alaska.  Add the interupption of our supply routes to the shortage the whole country is facing and I was worried. I'd ordered online and got nothing. I was HAUNTING Walmart and 3 Bears and both told me they simply didn't think they'd get them.....a dear friend in GA - bought a whole flat rate box full and shipped them up to me. It was STILL the same price I would have paid if I could get them here.... Thanks, Beth. I've already dug into these to can salmon. 

Millie, as a poodle, standing guard as Stacia bakes

We had a load of organic compost/dirt delivered....many hours have been spent hauling this dirt to various garden beds. 

It never fails - when I begin to cook...Millie comes running with her toys. 

Alex had his wisdom teeth removed! He was amazing. 

I went in for a consult and agreed to have mine out in September. That's still a long ways off. 

Hail on June 6th. 

Stacia and I have moved our weekly study outside! 

Danny's smiles brighten any season. 

Buying peanut butter in bulk leads to kitchen adventures. THIS time my phone was not covered in nut butter. 

Stacia juiced a case of lemons so we'd have concentrate to make lemonade for bridal showers, wedding and books make most jobs more pleasant. 

I still have a few June posts I think I'll do separately: Michael's ongoing project, the first mowing and Krista's bridal shower....Summers are delightfully full up here. We recharge all winter. LOL