Thursday, March 07, 2013

Driving Ban 2013 Lifted?

The day I eagerly dream of.....the end of the winter driving ban! Could it be?  We've had some days in the 40's and wind....the roads are clear....and I've been driving this week. 

Nolan had a doctor's appointment today, I needed to get some lab work done (again)....we didn't have to leave the house at 0700. We left at 0800....we ran errands and we CAME HOME before 1700!  I tried to talk the kids into going to Swan Park or the mall...but they wanted to play outside. 

Statistics show the average last snowfall in Misawa is in April....but I think this IS a good sign.  I'm so hopeful I filled the "Joy" up so she's ready to travel. Since no one wants to go driving...I'm going to settle in and read The Tehran Initiative, a series recommended by Tara over a year ago. Margin is a GREAT thing.  We'll have our yummy pizza tonight and strategize for the upcoming busy week. There are sure to be dinners and extra duties with our command chaplain in town.

Michael's love language is acts of service. He has driven me everywhere I needed to go without complaint - and the winter driving ban is out of love and concern for me and the children. He got tired of the calls from the Security I drove off mountains in MT, into ditches in AK and into bushes here in Japan....I get that.  I have enjoyed the stolen moments for discussions as he has cheerfully driven me around...but I'm THRILLED to be able to just get out and GO.....and to buy groceries without a pre-planned list this afternoon.

Choosing Joy!
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