Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terrrrrrrific Tuesday

I enjoyed my morning Tryst.

Jared was my gym buddy this a.m.

We cleaned the house.

I bought an External Hard Drive - a 1 TB. I won't get it installed until Mike returns from MO but surely I won't crash anything more in the near future. Isn't that the way it works? I just had my computer mishap for the quarter::snort::

I filled the new car with gas - 30 mpg...It was certainly less painful to put 9 gal in than it is to put 30.

PLAY DATE! Deja and crew invited us over to visit with HER new bunny. ::snort:: Truthfully, we love going to Deja's house. Not only is she the "lushie lady" (slushie lady) ::snort:: but they have a pool, sandbox, swing, rope swing, play house and trampoline. A veritable kid's paradise. Miss Ellie (who is feeling better thanks so much for the prayers) plays great with Stacia...and Zander loves Everson....Eric and Emma are natural fits with Nolan and Arielle....that means we get MOMMY TALK too! ::snort::

I made Honey Baked Chicken, cheese rolls, salad et al for dinner. Most ate it. That's good. I'll make it again. Sheri, thanks for the recipe.

I'm busy formatting recipes for a PWOC project night on Friday. We're going to make these for this year's farewell gifts. (Hmmm...can't get to the PWOC website tonight, guess I'll post the link later).

Jared discovered this video....humor with a message.

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