Monday, July 16, 2018

Busy Sunday

After church we ran over to a friends and looked at all his dip-netting gear. We are so blessed. He is letting us take whatever we want to use on our trip.

 We grabbed lunch.

 The boots I bought for our waders yesterday didn't fit. We ran to Fred Myers and bought new boots and a few other things.

Jared and Larissa sent us a picture of themselves sitting in our living room. ::snort:: We headed home.

Mama Moose came walking through the yard with baby moose. I was happy Dad got to see them.

We visited awhile and then the guys went out to play a round of disc golf. Larissa, Stacia and I made breakfast burritos. Arielle came up and helped too.

When everyone went home, we got busy packing things into the RV and preparing for tomorrow's adventure.

You can hear and watch the fun by clicking the link below.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

They Said I Look Like a Platypus

I began the day with canning. 

Grandpa and Alex went for a walk in the neighborhood. There is a home up the road for sale and dad likes to look at home specs. 

Michael spent the vast majority of the day with Alex and Nolan installing a new fridge in the RV. We have other things to do to it before our trip. We need to outfit it again (hoping we remember what to put in it LOL), fix a toilet seal and a step.....we leave on Monday. 

Some may remember from last year how I like to fish....a camera and a few books. LOL  This trip will be different. This will be our first time dip-netting. You have to live in Alaska a year before you can dip-net, and from all we hear THIS is how Alaskans fill their freezers with salmon. It appears I am going from documenting a trip, to being an active participant.  If one MUST spend hours standing in the cold river - one should at least get something stylish to wear.

I tried on these chest waders and Stacia told me I looked like a Platypus.  The feet were quite big. 

Ah, pull the drawstring and it should all get better - or not. 

 There was nothing to do but to head out to buy waders for three of us. Stacia and I got cute teal waders....the photo on the box shows a WAIST but there is no waist on these. They may have told me I now look like a colorful platypus.  We had bought a pair of boots for Stacia and they are too small for her to put over the booties of the wader......they are even too small for me.....
Tomorrow, we have to pack the RV, find boots for 3 of us that will fit over the booties, and I need to do some food prep...oh, and the packing. Always the packing. LOL  BTW - I'm not sure how to be sure the boots will fit, unless we wear the waders into the store to try on the boots. No one likes that idea....I don't like the idea of multiple trips to the store to exchange boots.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fantastical Friday

I've not been keeping up with the YouTube channel or the blog - so you don't KNOW that BreZaak have been spending every free, waking moment at the new house. They've worked hard to get it ready for their move. Thursday, the new carpet was laid and Izaak put in the new baseboard. Stacia and/or I, have been watching the kids fairy regularly - and enjoying it....Though, I know why God gives toddlers to 20 and 30 yo's and not mid-50 yo's. ::wink::

Izaak planned to move the RV and the family over after work tonight. We knew that would be late - and felt bad we'd be unavailable to help. Michael suggested we move the RV over after his therapy appointment. One thing led to another - they filled the RV basement, Cory was off work and volunteered his truck, then they hooked up the trailer....and WHAMMO, all their things were loaded and ready for the move. We had the kids inside. They were a bit antsy.....especially when sweet Bella saw the RV leave without her. It has been their home for a year.

We distracted her with a baking project. Then we FED her a cookie. Stacia said, "Won't that make her hyper?"
 I replied, "She' get hyper and THEN she'll crash!" ::snort:: 

Arielle said, "Listen to Mom - she knows things." 

Mainly, we simply wanted to keep Bella happy and distracted. 

Dad and I left Stacia with the settled kids, and went to see if we could help at the new house. The guys unloaded and put EVERYTHING IN THE ROOM where it belonged.  I helped organize the kids' room and the living room....Dad and I put their shoe rack together. We have video clips. It took us three tries - but we GOT IT.

Izaak arrived. They came and got the kids and headed "HOME." We were happy they didn't have a night of moving ahead of them.

This is not the best photo of Arielle - but it CAPTURES the moment. Arielle has always loved lady bugs. She was distressed to find them LIVE in a bag at Freddies. I explained they won't survive the winter up here and they are good to have...therefore....

She wasn't having it. She said she was thinking of opening all the bags in the store...instead she bought some and brought them home for our greenhouse and garden.  We captured the great release on video - "coming soon."

Memorial day was our last "Weekly Family Dinner" until after summer. We discerned it would be good for all to have  Sunday free to play and explore without a "family obligation." ::wink:: This has worked well - we miss the times - but winter is coming. We've not seen as much of the Eagle River gang without a scheduled meet up.....but JaRissa and Josiah came out for dinner tonight. It was fun to catch up and laugh together.  Jamin is working days and nights just now.
Jared and Larissa 

 The oldest man in my life and the newest man in my life. I love these two! 

Crawling lessons continue
Benny (8 months) and Cory 
Larissa snapped this photo (and the one of me with the guys) 
Arielle, Cory, Benny, Nolan, Dad, Cy, Me, Micahel, Jared, Stacia, Alex 

We ate and then lingered - sitting around the table until 10:30. It was good to catch up.  Our Friday the 13th was fantasical.

Tomorrow - we get the RV ready for our first dip netting outing.....

Thursday, July 12, 2018

While We Were Away - The Moose Played

You know you live in Alaska - when you find MOOSE PRINTS on your trampoline! This was a hilarious, and a bit alarming, sight to come home to. They ARE moose tracks. We did NOT Photoshop this photo. 
 I was perplexed. I was amused imagining how the moose got up here and what he must have looked like. I was disappointed I wasn't perched on the deck to get a video clip.

How did the moose do this?

Michael solved the riddle. He had the kids turn the trampoline over during the recent wind storm. The moose walked across it. The kids turned it back over.....and I saw the prints.

It was fun imagining the moose playing on the trampoline.

Independence Mine State Historical Park

We are looking for things we can do with little walking/hiking. Our goal is to make Alaska accessible to Dad and to minimize the pain Michael experiences from our outings.

Today, we headed to Independence Mine State Historical Park.  This is a short drive from our town. We've simply been focused on moving in, school, therapy and now summer projects. It was good to take a day to play!!! The goal was to have projects done by July so we could play. They aren't done, but we need to start playing - summer will be over far too soon. This is a spot we'd been to as a family when stationed here - 2002-2005. We FORGET that Alex and Stacia will not remember those spots....we've got to get out and show them Alaska. Stacia thinks Alaska is just about perfect and she's only seen Anchorage and the valley. ::wink::

We stopped to see the Little Su. The water was CLEAR (a lot of our rivers are made up of glacial silt - MUD). The drive was gorgeous. It was rejuvenating to simply be out in nature.

Myself and Dad 
A view of some of the buildings still standing 

We toured the museum and imagined ourselves living in this little community in the 1940's. As Arielle said, "Except for the war - the 40's is our time." The clothes, the values, the simpler life....Stacia was amazed at the player piano. I told her it was pre-programmed keyboard of the 40's. These two were the cutest thing in the museum. 
Great Gpa Paul and Benny (Bennett)

Stacia and Me 

Dad and Michael were interested in the machinery and engines. 

It was getting cold and so Arielle took Benny into the little gift shop. I ventured in and discovered hot drinks for a donation. I promptly made a donation and we enjoyed some hot drinks.
Stacia, Arielle/Benny, Gpa Paul, Alex 
Oh my heart! Benny is warming up to Gpa Paul. 

We didn't hike everywhere, but we saw a lot and enjoyed the drive. We'll be back and hike up to this cabin, explore the trails and Summit Lake....when we can take the RV and do it at a pace that works for us.

Our little town through the pass

Note - there will be a video with more shots and details.

Dad came home and slept the rest of the day - right through Life Group.

Michael told his therapist on Friday his pain level was 4...she wanted to do what he'd done. Her response, "Good for you." Yes, it was good for all of us to make a fun family memory.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Price of Employment

Nolan was told he could have no facial hair with his new job at McDonalds. WHUT?  It's been years since I've seen Nolan's nekkid face.  I knew this was a possibility, but didn't realize it was a reality. Michael told him, "Mom will want photos." Yes. Mom would have liked video clips too - however - Mom is thankful Arielle and he thought to get a shot before he shaved his beard.  There was debate if "facial hair" meant he should shave the eyebrows too. ::snort::

He does look quite a bit older with the beard. I see why the boss wasn't going to hire him when she thought it was 29 - first job, just finishing high he looks more like a 19 yo.

Handsome either way. He began growing out the beard as he would get a terrible, TERRIBLE red, bumpy rash each time he shaved. Anyone have ideas to help with that?

The other cost of this job, is Nolan will miss our family's first dip-netting trip next week. We were counting on that net in the water. LOL

Odd Chicken Behavior


I'm going to assume this is normal chicken behavior. It's not even hot any more. 

Both got up an are fine....though we wondered for a bit. Chickens have incredibly flexible necks.