Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 3 - Exploring D.C.

*BLUF ALASKANS TOUR D.C. FOR 8 HOURS IN THE RAIN AND END UP SUNBURNED!!!! We had a great time and ate some fantastic Pizza. LOL 

The GPS said it would take about 3 hours to get to the parking garage in DC. We left the girls' apartment at 0600. We arrived at 1030....and were on our tour bus by 1050. At the first stop a lady getting on said, "Hello, De'Etta." It was Lisa B - an online friend for probably close to 20 years. What are the chances of meeting on a tour bus in DC with ABSOLUTELY NO COORDINATION?

The tour company gave us all ponchos as it was raining....and it rained all day. We looked pretty fresh getting on the bus.

Our first stop at the Capitol 

We asked Jared what we needed to see in DC. He said, "We, The Pizza." He loved it as an intern and it was in walking distance from the Capitol. We went off the beaten path and had some yummy, YUMMY pizza.

We toured the US Holocaust Museum. It was good; we needed much more time. There is MUCH to do here. I think we'll need to come back a week early for Krista's graduation (maybe more). When we got back on the bus, we opted for the top level. It wasn't raining, and we knew we'd get better photos. It did begin to rain - to POUR.  The photos were better from the top  - and the ride was certainly more memorable. 

Lisa saw us going around the corner and came back to join us at the top of the bus. YAY - I'd been thinking I should have taken a photo earlier. 

Ford's Theatre
Washington Monument


Reagan Building
 This is on the side of the Newseum. 

We were very wet and cold and came back inside. 

It was a fun day....with unexpected surprises and weather. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 2 - Lynchburg, VA

The itinerary said we were to tour Lynchburg and Liberty today.  After a windshield tour of the historical area, we stopped at the White Hart to meet Claudia for a quick coffee visit. I met Claudia through PWOC. 

Look closely. Do you see how cool this is? The Farmer's Market is still slow, but inside the community market are various vendors. However, the cool thing is in front of the market? There five or six of these little covers with PIANOS inside them. Fun idea.

I love all the brick and antiques. 

Our next stop was Riverside park. We quickly discovered all walk in Lynchburg involve climbing hills. LOL  Stacia and I loved the green grass and trees, flowers and  cardinals.
Maria, Krista, Stacia

The James River IS behind us
Krista, Maria, Me, Stacia
 The girls took us to Wasabi for lunch. It was fun and yummy. It did remind us of Japan....

Maria, Me, Krista, Stacia
 One word about the campus of Liberty University - Ginormous!!! It is a beautiful campus. I can't imagine much it doesn't have. While on campus we visited the Scriptorium. A museum like room with exhibits of Bibles. This one was from the 1200's and is HAND done. It was awesome.

Bibles used to be huge! You won't be putting THIS in a purse. 

Model of the Guttenberg Press

Maria and Krista both attend the School of Divinity. Many of their classes are in this tower building.

Krista & Maria
 Look at this. Snowflex - on campus. The white is for skiing and snowboarding. The right side is for tubing. It was wet and the first couple of runs down the girls hit the barrier at the end. They adjusted things to make it slower, but Krista and Stacia had a blast. I have video but am not on my laptop so I'll have to capture photos later. 

Krista had heard about a good ice cream place. We tried it. 

Back at the apartment we relaxed at the pool. 

It's been a great day.  Tomorrow, we head to DC.  The girls have rented a Air BnB and we are going to spend a few days exploring.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Girls Week Out....

The guys continued working on the chicken fortress, in between doctor's appointments. Stacia and I packed and such.
Nolan with the miter saw - making nest boxes
One last look at the chicks....

and we left our door at 7 p.m. We stopped for dinner and then were on to the airport. It was still light out as Stacia and I boarded our plane at 1040 p.m. Monday.  Stacia was hilarious as she kept falling asleep on the shoulders of the man next to us. ::snort:: She was mortified when I clued her in - AFTER we were on our next flight. 

At 3:00 pm Tuesday we touched down at RDU.  Krista and Maria picked us up and we made the beautiful drive to Lynchburg. 

Krista and Maria share a lovely apartment. They made a yummy, totally plant based, meal of cauliflower nuggets, green beans, guacamole and spaghetti squash "tater" tots. 

Some may be wondering who is who....Krista is our 2nd daughter. She has just finished 75% of her mDiv degree. She may be further than that. She has 21 credits to finish up next year.  

Maria, some may remember visited us in Alaska and helped unpack. She's a "daughter of the heart." Maria was active duty at our last assignment - one of "my girls."  As only God can he orchestrated bringing Maria to VA to the same chaplaincy program as Krista. Krista was already out of our home before we went to Beale AFB. They crossed paths when Krista would visit us at Beale. They met and  had a real talk when Maria visited Arielle in Eugene, checking out the UofO. They became Facebook friends. Maria visited Krista last fall when she drove out to see the Museum of the Bible. She decided to come back and attend Liberty. They are now room mates and I love how God answered our prayers for Krista to make friends of the heart in VA, and for Maria to KNOW the next step in her future by putting them both together. 

We're off to explore today....I'll try to "keep up" but may get behind. We have a "wall of activity" planned. Stacia and I are adding states to our "been there" list. LOL 

PS - don't feel too bad for the boys. They have their 2nd annual Epic Alaskan Hike at the end of this week. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Shew - May Catch Up

I'm trying to figure out how to integrate our blog and our vlog/youtube channel. The blog can be printed....the videos are saved on my hard drive and also provide a family history. Both have the same purpose....the video is easier, at this point, to compile as my laptop's memory struggles with Lightroom and it takes FOREVER and a DAY to load photos. 🐽😏🐽 In fact, I have a thing about having the blog caught up and the house clean before I travel. I'm not going to edit or watermark photos....I'm just going to "get er done."

It would seem I'm better at daily updates on YouTube. LOL  Allow another "Week or so in a Glance" blog.  The dates and links are to videos, the summaries of the video provide a summary of the day.

April 28/29 Weekend Glimpses - coop building, Benny, Bella and chicks

The only comment I would add to the video,  is that Benny is 5 1/2 months old!

April 30th - Lowe's Intervention - the story of the attacking moose, a trip to Lowes, sign of spring, canning, Chick Cam

We woke this morning to the sounds of Yuuki howling, Alex standing down an attacking moose and a mad moose on the doorstep.  We haven't seen her back. I am seriously praying she does not come here to have her baby.

Spending a lot of time at Lowe's lately 
 Michael and I went out to eat. I avoid tyramine due the migraines it causes me. I ordered their VEGGIE BURGER and asked for them to leave the cheese out. He asked if I wanted it "vegan style."  I said, "Well, I want the veggie burger without the cheese. I guess, yes, that's vegan style."

Nope - not the same. The bun, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, onions - all gone. I received a wedge of iceberg lettuce with a veggie patty in the sauce, no other veggies, no seasoning.....

Here are some photos of the chicks at 2 weeks

And....more canning. 

May 1st - Fun with Chicks, Grands and Canning - rain,snow....Bella, Gideon and Benny visit, Gideon illustrates his unique crawling style during cousin time, canning

I nearly broke Novia (one of the chick's) neck today. I closed the brooder lid and walked away to get feed and water. Stacia was talking and pointing and when I looked back Novia's  little head was between the top and bottom of the brooder.

Novia - just fine

Cousins came to play....
Benny, Gideon, Bella with Arielle

May 2nd - Spring Projects - Stacia bakes, Chick Cam, building of the Chicken Fortress begins, transplanting, rain, hail and snowflakes

The guys built the frames in the garage and today they began getting the foundation set.

May 3rd - Building a Chicken Palace Part 2 - No VA approval for Michael's new treatment,  so we continue on projects, Chick Cam, That'll Preach, gardening, more work on the coop  - floor and walls go up, an injury and I show you 9 p.m. in South Central Alaska

Nolan, Alex, Michael 

Cory joined the work crew

Cory & Michael 
 Good progress today! 

Not mentioned in the video is that the first injury of  our Chicken Palace Fortress project happened on May 3rd. Michael put the drill bit through his fingernail. OUCH. By this point in time, I can report he is doing well and no infection set in. 

I canned more meat.

May 4th & 5th  - Building a Chicken Fortress  Part 3 Our Chicken Coop project continues. The chicks are 3 weeks old. We were told they'd be fine in the brooder for 6 weeks, but they are getting big!

May 5th - Girl's Day Out - Stacia gave me a coupon for breakfast out in January 2017. Today, we used it. We ate. We bought crafting supplies. We braved the Target fitting room to find swimsuits....

Alaskans are PALE in spring.

 May 6th - May's Birthday/Anniversary CelebrationWe try to celebrate all our birthdays and anniversaries on the first Sunday of the month at our extended family dinner. This month Izaak turned 45, Gideon turned 1 and Arielle turned 21. All wonderful milestones. It is also Jared and Larissa's 2nd anniversary; they were unable to make it so will collect their cards later. LOL
Seniors prayed over at Church
Nolan is in the middle
 Four Pot Pies ready to bake for our May Celebration....Veggie Pot Pie...2 Happy Chicken Pot Pie and 1 Sad Chicken Pot Pie (no onions for Larissa).

Arielle turned 21

Lighting cakes
 Jamin brought a pinata and won the "favored Uncle" title for the day. 

May 7th - Chicken Fortress Part 4 We continue building the Chicken Fortress, one of the chicks goes outside for the first time (can't figure out how to get them all out), and Arielle, Stacia, Benny and I enjoy a spring walk.

Nolan and Stacia work to put bones together for "Grandma and Grandpa." 

This little one was the first to come when I called. She got to go outside. 

Benny enjoyed his time outside too!

Shingles going on. 

Uncle Nolan and Arielle
May 8th/9th - Chicken Fortress Part 5  It's a lovely spring day in South Central Alaska. We didn't believe the kids when they said it was 70* at home - it was overcast in the town where we were for Michael's appointments. The weather station confirmed it was Spring in our neighborhood. Also see an injury and more progress on the Chicken Fortress.

Ouch - meeting with a sawsall

All receipts now entered. LOL 

Evening on the deck - 17 hours of sunlight now

May 10th - Drive in Beautiful Alaska Stacia and I drove to Point Mckenzie to visit with friends and plan an upcoming Homestead Club workshop on making bread and butter. It was a gorgeous drive!

May 12th - Chickens Show off on their 4 week (or 6 week) birthday Stacia and I take a minute to play with Chicks

Each with their own personality! 

May 12th - Chicken Fortress Part 6  Saturday Projects - we are so CLOSE to finishing the Chicken Coop.....Stacia and I transplant quite a few seedlings and prepare to plant more seeds before we leave.

No still shots of the building - but it's on the video..... Stacia and I worked in the dirt.

May 13th - Foraging on Mother's Day Cory picked some Devil's Club and fixed it for us Saturday night. On Mother's Day, he and I picked more...and fixed them for for what they look like and how to fix them....had a great day with everyone.

Jared came to church and lunch with us. 

Jamin and Cy  each brought flowers. 
Jared, me, Josiah 
 Stacia and Cory plant flowers

Cory with the devils club we wrestled for dinner