Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Stacia turns 11

For eleven months out of the year Stacia has a count down on her phone to her birthday. We aren't sure WHEN birthdays became huge to her - but they are. She had told us months ago this year she'd like to spend her birthday with Grandma G.....and we told her it was a lovely idea, but we'd be camp hosting in ID and so we'd stop by in September. ::snort:: Jokes on us. here we are.  Stacia is the last one to have a birthday since we moved into the Caboose. LOL  Below is the banner she made nearly a year ago for Michael's birthday - the first one in the Caboose. 

She was SO excited to see that we'd bought a little banner and hung it at the front of Grandma's house. I nearly didn't get it.

Michael declared it a no work day as it was Stacia's birthday. WE SLEPT IN. We had a leisurely morning, the kids played pool in the lounge, we ate lunch and then we went over to see Mom G. We visited and then spent a couple of hours swimming.

The tiara didn't work with the snorkel and mask 

She swam up and down the rapids today

This is our 11th week here and it's the first time I've gone to the river. I need to find balance somewhere in this mix. 

Michael grilled ribs and we had all the fixins.  
Birthday Blessing

Somewhere during dinner the calls from siblings began - what fun for our little extrovert! 

The cookie dough ice cream cake! 

Dreamy, ice cream coma look 

Mom G said, "Stacia shouldn't be a farmer. She should be an actress." I guess so. LOL Who wouldn't get into the spirit of a birthday with this sort of excitement and appreciation.

What caused so much excitement? Alex bought her pencils. We tried to talk him out of it. He was adamant....and she was thrilled. Really.

I honestly WOULD have purchased pencils months ago if I realized she was doing math with a 1/2 inch nub of pencil. LOL Note Alex's thumbs up below. He was right. We were less right.

It's not just the cool, Capt America,  "smoothie cup" that has her excited. It's the notice that we pre-ordered the "new" Captain America. We were traveling and missed it in theaters. 

She wasn't quite sure what this was?  It's a telescoping fishing rod. 

Also in the bag was a photo of a fishing reel! She's over the moon excited.

It was a great day! Our baby is 11...time is marching on! We are happy she got her wish to celebrate her birthday with Grandma G.  She asked me tonight if she should put  a new count down for her next birthday tomorrow. I suggested maybe waiting a month or two. LOL 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Scoring Silver

Stacia became the second one of us to find a 2016 penny! This is significant because the first current year penny from each child can be turned in for silver dollars from Michael.

It's August already - I think Michael is going to make out good this year. LOL 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Speed" Monopoly

Nolan went online and found the instructions for Speed Monopoly.  This is favorite game; and the rest of us aren't so fond of such a big commitment to a board game.

It turns out that Speed Monopoly comes down to a special die.  We have a bag of dice and so he took a Sharpie and convinced the kids they would be able to play Monopoly in one hour.  Not so much! ::snort:: But it only took two hours. LOL

Friday, August 12, 2016

#WYFF - Mom G Turns 88

We rushed back from Michael's VA appointment to be here for Mom G's 88th birthday! How fun is that?

One week Mom had asked for short ribs and I could not find any in stock, anywhere in town. I suspected ribs would be welcome for a birthday dinner, we found some ribs, all the fixins, the cheesecake  and headed over. 

Stacia really liked those BBQ ribs

Ah - cake and gifts - Mom asked for Cheesecake

This is our 11th week here. I've been buying Mom G's groceries and I've noted she has a ginormous SWEET TOOTH....at 88...eat what you want!  We filled that bag with a variety of chocolates we knew she'd like....

There was some thought the chocolate would fit in this glass container...

Nope - needed an overflow container. 800+ pieces....

It was  a fun celebration and we are happy to be here for it.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Late Night Light Show

We made it back to town....stopped in to deliver some food and check in with Mom G. We wondered if she'd like to sit outside and watch the Perseid Meteor showers.  The idea didn't appeal to her this year.

  That's o.k. We came back to the campground - which was sort of nice anyway. We set out the chairs, grabbed sleeping bags and watched the show until sometime after midnight. We were able to see quite a few meteors.  I like catching them in August better than in November.

Travel Day

It's a travel day.

We are getting very familiar with I5 between WA and CA. ::snort::

We stopped in Eugene and picked up brownies from Rebecca, Michael's sister, for Mom G's birthday.  She generously filled a couple of coolers with ORGANIC produce for us. Yummmo. It was good to see her. The warehouse at Organic Grown Inc. is something else - and the trucks and vans are pretty. I wanted to eat a salad just walking by them.
Via Google Images
We also stopped in Springfield and picked up a kayak at my parents. We had given it to Krista, and she didn't remember.  She suggested we take it with us as we are "living" on the river.....

We're rushing, as fast as we can while pulling the Caboose, back to the Redwoods....bringing a birthday celebration with us for Mom G.

We're about to hit the windy roads of the Redwood Hwy and I will lose cell and not be able to continue blogging....but I'm caught up.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Neurology Appointment

The kids stayed home and worked on some school. Michael and I headed in to Portland. Our 25 min drive took 40 min on the way in and 1.5 hours on the way home.  We were blessing Uncle Olie (Walt)  as we parked the beast. We also reconfirmed our desire NOT to live in a big city.

Michael did an internship here 26 years ago. Life came full-circle as we entered an out-building for his neurology consult. The bottom line is Michael still has Parkinson's Disease.  HOWEVER, the two we saw yesterday were great. Dr. C is going to fight for Michael to get the drugs he currently takes. His mother has PD and he told us he is invested in making sure his patients get current and thorough care. He added another drug to the daily mix. He also gave Michael referrals to physical and speech therapy. He encouraged early intervention to teach skills which will help Michael be steady on his feet and improve his voice volume.  They are also checking some swallowing issues. We aren't sure how the referrals will work with our traveling, but we'll get on it while we are  in C City helping Mom G. 

By the time we got back to the Caboose the kids had already had dinner. We headed out to REGAL 9....yes. The kids had Regal cards and we've not been where there are Regal theaters. We watched Secret Lives of Pets. 

This little break was nice. We were doing what we envisioned doing when we moved into the Caboose. We explored a new area, played games, watched movies, sat in  hot tubs.....this is not a complaint - just a reality  - we're usually too tired to do much family connecting lately. LOL 

Our next appointment with the neurologist is in February.  We are sad to leave Dr. Duffy, but feel like this doctor is as close as we could come in the VA system.  He's an answer to prayer.