Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Laminating Diva

Over the years I threatened to buy a flashing neon open/closed sign for our front window...but our budget hasn't allowed such fancies.  We really haven't had the  "problem" of  lots of kids wanting to play at all hours for several years....but we have been blessed with lots of families in our current neighborhood and many kids who want to play - at all hours.

I thought about the sign some friends had in TX...but my children thought this would be rude. After a particularly "busy" couple of weeks  (we've been interpreted at least once - often multiple times - every day for over a week) it seems good for ALL if I make that sign.....so I did. (After checking on Facebook to see if adults thought this would be rude).

I found some online but thought I could make something "prettier". These aren't  perfect,but they're printed and laminated.....Zander suggested the green and red backgrounds.

I've also created an "early morning" visual chart for Zander and Stacia which is working great. Proving once again that a laminator is a mom's best friend.::snort:: 

Um.....Guess I need to do a bit of training with my mini-sign hanging team. ::snort:: 

Note the only place to hang these is up high - so I'll take over this job and I doubt they can easily be flipped.   These are simple word files.  

Choosing Joy!
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