Sunday, September 22, 2019

Some Work and Some Welax!

The week began with a, lunch out with BreZaak, us all, and Josiah, and then an afternoon at home with Josiah, Arielle and Benny.  I believe Cory was working.

Alex and Michael have been busy felling trees all week. Most have been due to the spruce beetle but today they took down a Birch which was hollow at the top....Birch burns well....and this tree will do better keeping us warm than swaying in the wind. We hate cutting down trees. We are planting evergreens, fruit trees and hope to plant some Birch and Aspen to replace these that are sad and dying. 
Alex's chainsaw gave up - its been a busy week. 

As the men wrestled with the birch, Arielle suggested we go walk along the river. This plan was met with great approval by the gals and Benny. Who knows how much longer we'll have the fall colors to enjoy?  I love the fall colors against the backdrop of the snowy mountains. 

Auntie CoCo is very cool. 
Coco and Benny take advantage of their cool boots
 Love the colors...we live in the foothills below the thumb - the arrow points the way. LOL 

So beautiful - Pioneer Peak
 Goofy Sisters! 
Stacia, Arielle and Krista across the front
 I tried - I never got all 3 together. 

Glacial silt - it's clay like and VERY sticky. 

Benny enjoyed everything about this afternoon. 

River Ballet? 
No, throwing rocks in the water.

We left the river in time for Arielle and Benny to go babysit the D kids.  We stopped by CoRielle's new house so I could see the work they've been doing.
Benny demonstrates how to sweep up construction mess
 Benny was excited to welcome Bachan (grandma, aka me) to the shed. LOL 

Krista, Stacia and I came home and found GG enjoying the afternoon beside the fire. 

The guys were burning little branches and such. Dad and Krista hauled branches to the fire ring and Krista took over feeding the fire and hosing down the yard. I've been assured this was quite safe. 

I grabbed a few photos of fall colors at home. 

The 4 trees we planted are doing well. 
Stacia and I spent some time loving on Yuuki. The 3 of us went for a wonderful walk. 
Stacia and Yuuki
We ended this portion of the day with s'mores around the fire. Didn't see that coming, did you?