Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hot Travel Day

We've enjoyed our unexpected two nights at Deerwood RV Park.  Yuuki and I walked around and around the park to get our miles in.  We went 2.5  miles yesterday and I'd hoped for the same or more today. At 1.1 I felt a tug on the leash, looked back (Yuuki is typically raging out front) and Yuuki was laying on the pavement. Ok....guess it's meant to be a light day. I understand. The gentleman behind us had  a good laugh out of the situation. Being elderly himself, he commiserated with Yuuki.
Pretty walking path 

We were buttoned up and ready to go when Michael got home from his early morning VA appointment. 
Space 75 - a nice spot to call home
 Michael decided we needed a break in Cave Junction. It was past lunch time. Yuuki couldn't go inside and we took turns waiting with her under a shade tree. It was 93 degrees in this part of the state today! HOT....Yuuki likes DQ.

On the walk back to the Caboose, our water hating dog plunged into a fountain alongside the sidewalk.  We carried her the rest of the way. 

We've arrived, paid for a month (reserved for the rest of the year),  met the hosts and a couple of fellow campers, set up camp, and went across the river for an evening visit with Mom G.

Note - if you need to reach us in this season email, Facebook messages and blog comments may be best. My phone has not had a signal (though it downloaded an app this a.m.). If you need to call or text us try Michael or Nolan's numbers. We can also give you the number for the campground if you need it.  And if it doesn't seem to frivolous praying for good cell signal for the mifi and my phone would be great. LOL