Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BreAnne and Bella enter Their 3rd Trimester

Today is the day! BreAnne is in her third trimester and we are thanking God for this baby every day - and praying for the remainder of the pregnancy to be healthy. This is a milestone......

Are the not ADORABLE? Izzak painted the nursery this darling pink and hung
the border as well! Go Izzak! 
And to celebrate this milestone - BreZaak (Bre and Izaak) are revealing our grandblessing's name - Isabella Michelle. Isabella means "consecrated to God," and Michelle means "who is like the Lord?" I love this name! 

 Bella (or Izzy if you are Izaak or Michael) is doing truly amazing things now. She blinks, coughs, sucks, hiccups and takes practice breaths. She is the size of a Chinese Cabbage and weighs 2 1/2 lbs. She is getting into position for birth and even has dreams at this point.

Sweet dreams, Bella. Granna and Grandpa are eagerly waiting to meet you in person. 

Tree - Caching

All the expected rain of the past two winters - which did not fall - has been dumping on Northern CA.  It's wet and windy and wet.....but yesterday - there was a break in the rain. We worked hard in the a.m. on school - commenting from time to time on how nice it was the rain let up for a bit.

Tailgating with Nolan and Michael 

 Michael came in with an alarming idea - he'd make a picnic lunch and we'd go out to the Spenceville Wildlife Area and plant our 2015 Christmas Tree.  He projected we'd be home in time for Nolan's Japanese lesson and we could finish school in the late afternoon. We did just that. We enjoyed our lunch amongst the cows, the trees, and the sun;  then we set out on a walk.

Note Charlie the tree in Nolan's arms - Yuuki refused to look
 Our idea was to buy a live tree for Christmas, and plant it after Christmas. We've marked the coordinates so we can revisit it when we're in the area in the future.  All participated in the transplanting and it was great fun.

Michael even went and found manure

Stacia insists she wants to be a farmer - so she got her hands in the dirt
Here are a few shots so we can be sure to find it again - and can compare it's growth.  It's located at  N39 06.628  W121 18.880.

Marking coordinates
I had taken a photo of this stump during lunch and knew that I wanted to try for a group shot here before we left.

Nolan, Stacia, De'Etta, Michael, Alex (ZANDER)
Some shots on the way out...... I was thinking it would be fun to boondock out here - but the road and this bridge are deal breakers. 

While Michael was taking photos of the above bridge, I noted this tree. I walked towards him to snap a shot before he was back in the car. He stopped and took the shot - and it is gorgeous!
Love it....
 It was good to get out of the campground for a bit of an adventure.  We're focused on school, school, school but we needed to get out and enjoy the sun. Good call, Michael.