Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photobucket WHAT DAY IS THIS???

Yes, I still have a migraine...though I think it may be cluster headaches. I couldn't tell you the difference. Both hurt. I'm nauseated. Off and on my vision is blurry and I see spots. I had hoped sleeping on Sunday would kick it...but it keeps coming and going. The going part and then coming again makes me think it may be a cluster thing.....I've not had a moment to really take the migraine meds.....which knock me out. I'll try that this weekend if needed.

Mike has been working late nights all week. It's always like this when you come back from TDY (business trip) or leave (vacation).

Yesterday, I had the PAC (Parish Advisory Committee) annual planning meeting. I was impressed that we accomplished all the work in 3 hours.

We've begun a rolling start on school. We've done a lot of planning this week.

We've been evaluating where we are and where we would like to be in 9 months. Jamin is a senior. He'd like to go to Taylor University. There are two challenges: 1. the PRICE and 2. the requirements for admissions. If he is to make this work he will need to take two sciences this year and Calculus and Trig.... We're also praying and looking at other options. Mike and I have a hard time figuring out why a person should pay $120,000 for a degree that can be earned for $30,000 at a state university. Frankly, once you get into the workforce you are rarely asked WHERE your degree comes from. At least that's been our experience. ::snort:: On the other hand, I would expect at a private university to have less of the "characters" and "issues" that we've seen at a state university. Who knows? We have begun looking at scholarships and Jamin qualifies for a variety of scholarships. He's praying about his options. He may or may not continue to work towards Taylor. We've got emails out to admissions offices around the country. The thought being that it makes common sense to get as many credits as possible to be transferred into Taylor and thus avoid paying the high tuition for four years. There is MUCH to be said for living at home and going to a college nearby for a couple of years. AND he plans to take a lot of CLEP classes and distance credits from Taylor this year.

We don't test. Jamin's first test was the ACT last spring. He was 2 points away from some benchmarks which would open quite a few doors. I've tried to tell the kids to study for the test - but as a matter of principle they think it's cheating to study for a test that is supposed to see what you "know" and not what you "cram". ::snort:: Jamin has agreed to CRAM FOR THE TEST. I think he can take it now and again in the spring and bring it up at least 2 points.

We're really having fun with this and not stressing. We are relaxed homeschoolers. We've always said that we'd follow our path and the children's interests and when/if they need something we haven't done - we'll do it. YES WE CAN!!!!

Jamin didn't work today and so we spent a lot of the day researching various programs, options, et al.

I was heading to the gym when I was informed that I was supposed to be at a meeting in 25 minutes. I headed for the base. This was a "financial workgroup" meeting.

Jamin watched the littles so I could finally make it to the gym this evening. Jared was at CAP and Mike was working. I had hoped to catch some of Obama's speech but would you believe not ONE of the televisions were on a news channel? Everyone was fascinated by football and the World Championionship Poker tournament on ESPN....POKER?????

Ah well - I got a workout in.

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