Saturday, June 15, 2013

Plane, Planes and Bowling Balls

It is a plane day. The day when dear friends fly out of Misawa - but not out of our lives or hearts. You may remember the post from a couple of weeks back about the birthday bash at the bath in the mountains (Aoni Onsen).....all those who participated, except Arielle and I, have PCSd.  Plane days cause us to be a bit introspective...and sad...but it's a good sad....a glorious sorrow. 

Mary, had suggested on Thursday I need to keep everyone busy these next few weeks doing things we love when the lonely, sad times hit. Great advice.  We don't ALL love the Air and Science Museum as much as Stacia and Zander, but it was a drizzly day and our plans to go to the beach were scrubbed. We headed to the museum. 

I love the  various expressions as the kids compete to see who could cross the red line running the fastest....

Stacia wanted to show Michael how easy it is to lift yourself with a rope - and was surprised it was harder with him on the bench. ::snort::

The kids certainly learn more at the science museum when Dad is along.....and he saw first hand what we've been telling him - Stacia simply does not get dizzy...we can spin her around and around on the platform and she'll get off and walk a straight line. ::snort::

Arielle and I are not crazy about the spinning room...the others love it. 

 Since she was a BABY - this girl falls asleep in the strangest places...BUT THIS was a first - an airplane display at a museum. I may make her go in for some lab work if this keeps up - I know she didn't sleep well last night knowing that Emily is already gone and Alicia was leaving this a.m.

We grabbed lunch and caught several games of bowling. 

I am fighting a summer cold. I went to bed when we got home - I've discovered I love Benydryl. Best night sleep I've had in a long time. Michael and the kids went back to the chapel  - they watched a movie (we don't have a TV, projector, DVD player any longer at home) and Michael did a bit of work.

Choosing Joy!
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